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Title: Applied Fletcher-Munson curve algorithm for improved voice recognition


Author: Bobby L. Tait


Address: University of Johannesburg, Cnr. of Beyers Naude Ave. and Kingsway Ave., Aucklandpark, 2006, South Africa


Abstract: The ability of a computing system, robot, or any man made system is to recognise humans commands and understand their instructions. Internationally, large research grants are awarded to this end. IBM Via Voice (, and efforts in the early versions Microsoft operating systems attempt to understand what a person said. The ultimate goal would be a PC that listens, interprets and understands human commands. Unfortunately, the effortless, exact voice recognition by (and almost colloquial conversation with) computers is still in the distant future. This paper considers a novel approach of improving the current voice recognition efforts of existing systems. The way that sound essentially operates is discussed; research by Fletcher-Munson (Vitz, 1972; Fletcher-Munson Curves, is integrated into a new algorithm used as a 'plug in', and implemented as a middle tier algorithm. The suggestions of this paper will serve as a step in the direction of allowing man made systems to interact with humans, using voice commands.


Keywords: voice recognition; biometrics; security; phon curve; sound characteristics; Fletcher-Munson curves; voice authentication; human-computer interaction; HCI; voice commands.


DOI: 10.1504/IJESDF.2012.048421


Int. J. of Electronic Security and Digital Forensics, 2012 Vol.4, No.2/3, pp.178 - 186


Submission date: 07 Dec 2011
Date of acceptance: 26 Apr 2012
Available online: 05 Aug 2012



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