Int. J. of Strategic Business Alliances   »   2011 Vol.2, No.3



Title: Mechanisms of private meta-governance: an analysis of global private governance for sustainable development


Author: Pieter Glasbergen


Address: Utrecht University, P.O. Box 80115, 3508TC Utrecht, The Netherlands


Abstract: One of the main characteristics of global governance for sustainable development is its fragmentation. Next to public regulations, there are often many private regulations in force on the same issue, which are induced by collaborations between businesses and NGOs. Traditionally, it is assumed that governments should play a central role in solving this 'orchestration deficit'. This paper argues that the capabilities of private meta-governance have been a neglected and undervalued topic in research. Taking some illustrative cases from the field of private global governance, it defines several private meta-governance mechanisms. Connected to them the paper also defines a specific meta-governance role of states.


Keywords: private meta-governance; global private regulations; global partnerships; private global governance; sustainability; sustainable development.


DOI: 10.1504/IJSBA.2011.040886


Int. J. of Strategic Business Alliances, 2011 Vol.2, No.3, pp.189 - 206


Available online: 26 Jun 2011



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