Int. J. of Transitions and Innovation Systems   »   2010 Vol.1, No.1



Title: The diaspora as a nation's capital: crowdsourcing strategies for the Caucasus


Author: Steffen Roth


Department of Sociology, Yerevan State University, 1 Alex Manoogian Str., AR-0025 Yerevan, Armenia; Departement de Sociologie, Universite de Geneve, Bd. du Pont d
Arve 40, CH-1211 Geneve, Switzerland


Abstract: Caucasian societies suffer from a tremendous brain drain to so-called more advanced societies. Against this background, the paper discusses crowdsourcing, a recent trend in open innovation, as a means of reducing or even inverting the brain drain of Caucasian societies.


Keywords: open innovation; crowdsourcing; brain drain; emerging markets; Caucasus; diaspora; regional development; transition management.


DOI: 10.1504/IJTIS.2010.037413


Int. J. of Transitions and Innovation Systems, 2010 Vol.1, No.1, pp.44 - 58


Available online: 06 Dec 2010



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