Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems


(Computing and Mathematics) 35 titles


  1. Int. J. of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms
  2. Int. J. of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing
  3. Int. J. of Bio-Inspired Computation
  4. Int. J. of Biometrics
  5. Int. J. of Cognitive Biometrics
  6. Int. J. of Collaborative Intelligence
  7. Int. J. of Computational Complexity and Intelligent Algorithms
  8. Int. J. of Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
  9. Int. J. of Computational Intelligence Studies
  10. Int. J. of Computational Science and Engineering
  11. Int. J. of Digital Signals and Smart Systems
  12. Int. J. of Fuzzy Computation and Modelling
  13. Int. J. of Granular Computing, Rough Sets and Intelligent Systems
  14. Int. J. of Hybrid Intelligence (NYP)
  15. Int. J. of Intelligent Defence Support Systems
  16. Int. J. of Intelligent Engineering Informatics
  17. Int. J. of Intelligent Enterprise
  18. Int. J. of Intelligent Information and Database Systems
  19. Int. J. of Intelligent Machines and Robotics (NYP)
  20. Int. J. of Intelligent Systems Design and Computing
  21. Int. J. of Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications
  22. Int. J. of Knowledge and Web Intelligence
  23. Int. J. of Knowledge Engineering and Data Mining
  24. Int. J. of Knowledge Engineering and Soft Data Paradigms
  25. Int. J. of Knowledge-Based Development
  26. Int. J. of Machine Intelligence and Sensory Signal Processing
  27. Int. J. of Mechanisms and Robotic Systems
  28. Int. J. of Mechatronics and Automation
  29. Int. J. of Mechatronics and Manufacturing Systems
  30. Int. J. of Multimedia Intelligence and Security
  31. Int. J. of Reasoning-based Intelligent Systems
  32. Int. J. of Smart Grid and Green Communications
  33. Int. J. of Smart Technology and Learning
  34. Int. J. of Soft Computing and Networking
  35. Int. J. of Swarm Intelligence


(NYP) = Not Yet Published