2018 Research news


SEPBlue noise cancellation

SEPMindful of training

SEPShades of grey reveal breast tumours

SEPSouth Africa's financial imbalance

SEPICT: The new A & E?

SEPEmergency mobile

SEPBayesian malaria classification

SEPLean healthcare

SEPWork-life balance

SEPSearch skills

SEPUnzip your genes

SEPCan you get no satisfaction?

SEPR.E.S.P.E.C.T: The Key to Happiness

SEPMalaysian Airways Flight MH370

SEPBut one drink won't hurt, right?

AUGManaging the UK's coasts

AUGPredicting urban sprawl

AUGPuffed up rice

AUGRepurposing consumers

AUGOpen access challenges

AUGGreen manufacturing

AUGThrough the glass ceiling

AUGPolluted parking problem

AUGFighting over Russian geo-energy

AUGOld crisis to new customers

AUGThe air-conditioned nightmare

AUGCool colours

AUGDrinking is not working

AUGTesting for food contamination

AUGA breath of fresh air for hospitals

AUGFear of cyber-terrorism

AUGText mining the presidency

AUGPareidolia on parade

AUGSweet leaf

AUGSenior entrepreneurs

JULThe gender innovation gap

JULRecycling cars

JULGoing locavore

JULAlcoholic advertising

JULCondensing cloud solution

JULPregnant pause for thought

JULSilver nanoparticles by design

JULShadow puppetry

JULMetro accessible

JULDam you!

JULOpen source movement

JULHow not to go viral

JULForensic data retrieval

JULDid you mean to say that?

JULEnmeshed in networks

JULThe bald truth about bro-science videos

JUNWhat do you really mean?

JUNCyber threats to connected cars

JUNPersonalised social engineering

MAYAlexa... check my security settings

APRBricking arsenic from contaminated water

MARThe power of crowdfunding

FEBFake news and the public vote

FEBStanding room only

JANBird recognition