2016 Research news


DECBring Your Own Disaster
NOVBlue skies thinking ready for takeoff
NOVOnline advertising compromise
NOVTwo types of liquid water
NOVGlobal energy issues and the nuclear question
NOVFighting the water army of fake reviewers
NOVAutomated autism assessment
OCTThe smart wheelchair
OCTSocial media is all about the user
OCTUsing chaos and confusion to hide medical photos
OCTConcentrating on social billions
SEPHow best to share a taxi ride
SEPCimate change as a social problem
SEPCould hackers put your lights out?
SEPStaying the course on a MOOC
SEPAirship revolution takes flight
SEPOn digital
AUGMimicking luxury goods
AUGNarrowing the digital divide
JULProtect yourself from shoulder surfers with a HoneyString
JUNSidestep redirection spam with fuzzy logic
JUNNo ticket to ride
JUNPencil test for pipeline cracks
JUNLearning in fewer than 140 characters on Twitter
JUNToo old to die young
JUNArtisanal backpacking in Latin America
MAYFacebooking your physician appointment
MAYAn algorithm for juicier gossip
MAYA slick way to test artificial knees and hips
MAYPhoney protection for passwords
APREmotion detector understands facial expressions to help you learn and play games
APRCan going digital improve musical cultural heritage conservation?
APRA new dawn, a new day
APRTravels with my smart phone
MARSynthesizing an acoustic tweetscape
MARIs radiation really so bad?
MARFrom a tiny spark, a flame
MARCrowd review
MARCutting cattle carbon
MARPitching gas against coal against renewables
MARPredicting drug side effects
FEBBiodiesel from vegetable oil in a caustic flash
FEBConsumers care about carbon
FEBHow private is your browsers privacy mode?
FEBWeighing up carbon capture technology
FEBWhatever happened to Britain's Big Society?
FEBRapid dispersal of aircraft pollution
JANAn 11-point plan for the Indigenous Internet
JANSweden on Twitter