2015 Research news


DECCartoon characters bear fruit
DECAural feedback for oral hygiene
DECLow-cost malware detection
DECSince when was your privacy a commodity?
NOVFinding fake feedback
NOVCompanies being responsible on social media
NOVTourism tweets
NOVWhat is the Internet of Things, really?
NOVAutomated detection of early schizophrenia
NOVScientists defrauded by hijacked journals
OCTLinking up for better business
OCTPrivacy or popularity? Social sharing
OCTChewing over the aging process
SEPRisk factors for prostate cancer
SEPWhy music while you eat?
SEPLeaner, safer industry
SEPDew helps ground cloud services
SEPFacing up to online healthcare
SEPStudents in credit crisis
SEPThe future of the internet
SEPWavelets for earlier cancer diagnosis
SEPScents sell
SEPIts a (bio)gas, gas, gas for British farmers
SEPIdentifying illegal websites in photos
AUGMicrobeam radiation therapy
AUGSocial security, social safety
AUGProtecting your cloud
AUGFireflies find Facebook friends
AUGThe asylum trap
AUGNanotech wound healing in diabetes
AUGReal veggies fight real migraine
AUGCalculating leukemia progression
JULHeal thyself, Patient 2.0
JULThe elephant not in the room
JUNUp, up and away in the name of science education
JUNPick of the pops
JUNMuzzle in on cattle classification
JUNAre we compatible?
JUNPrivate friends
JUNSmart phones spot tired drivers
JUNAssessing academic rank and file
JUNThe trouble with fracking
JUNSocial networking against cancer
MAYAftershock assessment
MAYSharing your R&D on the internet
MAYDetecting and blocking leaky Android apps
MAYThe flight of the Oryx
MAYLearning about massive open online courses
MAYKeep your gerberas blooming with urea and acid
MAYHorizontal genes in E coli
MAYSecurity on the move
APRGM crops to fight spina bifida
APRWhy be creative on social media?
APRHow smart are you with your smart phone?
APRTen more years of real money
APRHomeland chemical security
APRBurying the climate change problem
APRUnhealthy information remedy
APRAccountancy ambitions
MARWill you ever pay off your student loan?
MAREmission control
MARAlarming old and young drivers
MAREscaping institutional destitution
MARThe changing face of meetings
MARCatching the drinking game bug
FEBAntibiotic resistant salad
FEBFor all the Li in China
FEBWhen is a Pollock not a Pollock?
FEBAn Internet of Things reality check
FEBSeven security concerns in the cloud
FEBHalting misinformation propagation
JANStart-up advice for biotech SMEs
JANJovian microprobe swarm
JANSmart phone attachment
JANHow to write a research paper
JANFAPA cloud protection