2014 Research news


DECSaving installation art
DECBetter protection against floods
DECSocial networking during a campus emergency
DECStick out your tongue
DECA health boost for fitness centers
NOVEnd to end 5G for super, superfast mobile
NOVEducating on sickle cell risk
NOVHacked emails slice spam fast
NOVHearing the cheer of the crowd
NOVGender diversity and innovative R&D
NOVReputation and online buzz
NOVHow liveable are our cities?
NOVKeeping good company on Facebook
OCTUniverse, older than it looks
OCTThe social web of things
OCTTwo life hacks to boost business
OCTReducing your carbon bootprint - electric vehicles for country folk
OCTWhither the Internet of Things?
OCTHealthy knowledge management
SEPRemote healthcare for an aging population
SEPSaving energy in social housing
SEPThe bottom line on sustainability
SEPIts a dirty job, but someones got to do it
SEPGeo-ranking the Internet
SEPMaking light work of the workload for overworked healthcare workers
SEPComputerized emotion detector
SEPCutting the cloud computing carbon cost
SEPAn evolutionary approach to epidemics
SEP7 keys to entrepreneurial success in universities
AUGCoping with smart phone threats
AUGSay it with flowers and nanotech
AUGDemystifying the dis-domestication of consumer products
AUGCould narbs help you tell your social media story?
AUGIndustrial strength healthcare
AUGIn short...
AUGWiki ranking
AUGElliptical cryptography
AUGStudents cope well with healthier snacks
AUGTapping the shale
JULMisinformation diffusing online
JULPlants protect against radiotherapy
JULPatient patience and pandemics
JUNSustaining Brazilian tourism
JULMeditation for factory workers
JULThe economic impact of a Very Large Telescope
JUNClimate control for the hospital burns unit
JUN50 Shades of green corporate greenwashing
JUNMusic recommendations
JUNThe great salmon run algorithm
JUNGlas-coated nanotech hip op
JUNKeeping the clouds together
JUNFiltering criminal dDOS attacks
JUNWind turbine payback
JUNHumanitarian liking on Facebook
JUNClimate change at the movies
JUNDeveloping computer waste
JUNShape matters...
JUNFour factors for success in ultrafast broadband
MAYSocial marketing at the movies
MAYRisk is much more than a game
MAYWatcher from the skies
MAYReading privacy policy lowers trust
MAYBrain scanning the evidence
MAYSimple model underpins building safety in the wake of landslides
APRMarketing to net Mums
APRWho are the aggressive stars of CCTV?
APRGreen clouds on the horizon for computing
APRNewlyweds, be careful what you wish for
APRNet neutrality balancing act
APRAnt colonies help evacuees in disaster zones
APRMaking a mess of dog walking
MARData mining disaster
MARInspiring invention in primary school
MARThe impact of colonial legacy on African science
MARWPA2 wireless security cracked
MARA slave for all seasons
MARBlood sugar testing without the sharps
MARDNA fix school timetables
MARNewly minted Mexico must innovate
MARLose yourself to dance, know yourself better
FEBReverse logistics
FEBChoices, NHS Total Quality Management
FEBResearching Facebook business
FEBKinetic battery chargers get a boost
FEBGenetically modified benefits
FEBGeographical passwords worth their salt
FEBData links quick fix
FEBFlat-pack lens boosts solar power
FEBSocial media, self-esteem and suicide
FEBFinding the hidden zombie in your network
FEBCOPD? There's an app for that...coming soon
JANSmart Notices could take us beyond copyright
JANAre you political on Facebook?
JANPut a plastic bag in your tank
JANHeavy metal resource warfare
JANA good tern deserves another
JANMotoring up nano magnets
JANAvoid demographic cliques build stronger teams
JANSafer vehicles brake and steer out of harm's way
JANToo much online democracy?
JANAbusing the internet trolls