2012 Research news


DECGently does drives you further in electric vehicles
DECA layer of cool, healthy air
DECWooden hip be lovely?
DECThe image of mental fatigue
DECOnion soaks up heavy metal
DECGo with the flow in flood prediction
NOVBeating the dark side of quantum computing
NOVGoverning economic growth in the cloud
NOVEnhancing breast cancer detection
NOVOsteoporosis risk factors after the menopause
NOVA safer porn policy for employers
NOVThe flip side of salting winter roads
OCTFootwear forensics
OCTMilitary safety is a breeze
OCTBiofuels benefit billionaires
OCTYou are feeling sleepy... and we can tell
OCTAn operating system in the cloud
OCTWhat do Internet Service Providers care about?
OCTAtmospheric aerosol climate caution
OCTComputerized osteoporosis detection
SEPFast algorithm extracts and compares document meaning
SEPThe problem of impatient patients
SEPPerfecting email security
SEPComputer, read my lips
SEPScanning for drunks with a thermal camera
AUGAnthrax targets
AUGYour wireless router could save lives in an emergency
AUGPhotographic cholesterol test
AUGEarthworms soak up heavy metal
AUGComputer memory leaks a turn off
AUGDetecting thyroid disease by computer
JULMaking allowances for job seekers on Facebook
JULShades of grey and prostate cancer
JULIf you trusted them online, you'll trust us
JULCalling all truckers... not!
JULSuccessful entrepeneurs on social networks
JULMeasuring the uncertainties of pandemic influenza
JULMapping research with WikiMaps
JUNSkin contact breast tumor detection
JUNUS scientists throw stones in European greenhouse
JUNAssessing Olympic terrorism threats
JUNWhere to put nuclear waste?
JUNFrom pomegranate peel to nanoparticles
JUNPatent pressure - who does intellectual property protect?
JUNWhy are some people greener than others?
JUNSlime moulds work on computer games
JUNBotswana, climate and tourism
JUNPiracy all at sea
MAYSaving Botswana
MAYBluetooth baby
MAYThe gender gap and the digital divide
MAYSolar power to dye for
MAYA healthy look at social media
MAYSpotting a bot to stop a bot
APRPolluting China for the sake of economic growth
APRLooking good on Facebook
APRCognitive biometrics - a very personal login
MARTurning down the heat but keeping warm
MARPlaying at home energy savings
MAR9 million bicycles, but what about the cars in Beijing?
MARNudging government to greater accountability
MARNano rescues skin
MARHealth monitoring? There's an app for that
MARTracking pedestrians with their smart phones
MARShare and share alike
MARSaving fuel on the buses
MARHead for the cloud
MARUnraveling biological networks
FEBDeveloping sustainable power
FEBIs biofuel greener than black gold?
FEBWhat brand dragons can learn from Beckham and Giggs
FEBNever forget your keys, phone or lipstick
FEBChecking digital identity online
FEBAugmented play helps autism
FEBIs your digital camera putting your child at risk?
FEBThe butterfly effect in nanotech medical diagnostics
FEBPlaying RFID tag with sheets of paper
FEBCyclists need to see to be safe
JANFacebook really is a community
JANConecting patients and medics wirelessly
JANHow can we tap into water security?
JANShort, sharp shock treatment for E. coli
JANIncrease dietary fiber, decrease disease