2011 Research news


DEC9 steps to telemedicine in developing nations
DECEven limited telemedicine could improve developing health
DECHow to break Murphy's Law
DECA logistics approach to malaria in Africa
DECTaking the Toyota approach to brain surgery
DECBuilding a sustainable hydrogen economy
DECPharmaceutical spam
DECPeople matter in climate change models
DECCheap beads offer alternative solar-heating storage
NOVImproving international wind power law
NOVHow well do students retain knowledge from the internet?
NOVMaking chemicals from biogas instead of burning it
NOVPromoting corporate sustainability on the web
OCTAppetite for UK renewables
OCTThe last of the glaciers
OCTAggregating bandwidth for faster mobile networks
OCTWakey, wakey!
OCTAvoiding bias in medical research
OCTAvoiding founder frustration in technology start-ups
OCTProtect and reward on the Internet
OCTInfecting hospital staff with contagious awareness
OCTBad eggs and oil slicks
OCTSetting standards for electric vehicles could make China a global leader
OCTDetecting glaucoma before it blinds
SEPRadiation boost for artificial joints
SEPThe benefits of biotech
SEPGround glass solution for cleaner water
SEPImproving product quality for the sake of future generations
SEPRebalancing the nuclear debate through education
AUGHanging can be life threatening
AUGThe ignored virus that causes liver cancer
AUGA two-step plan to save the Euro
AUGFacing up to better face recognition
AUGHeavy metal -- in and around the lakes
JULEmulating nature for better engineering
JULProtecting networks is just a game
JULIt's not all Greek
JULNanotech for transdermal sildenafil
JULPrint your own teeth
JULNatural pain relief from poisonous shrub
JULBiofilters reduce carbon footprint of old landfill sites
JULWhat causes brain cancer?
JULNano detector for deadly anthrax
JULChina's competitive advantage
JUNPredicting academic strength emotionally
JUNGreener disaster alerts
JUNAre the French becoming bored with wine?
JUNTracking groundwater pollution to its source
JUNElectrical water detection
JUNBetter GCSE results mean higher house prices
JUNMaking websites accessible and secure
JUNA grid approach to pandemic disease control
JUNTerrorism and the tourist trap
JUNHelping the aged during natural disasters
MAYEstimating landfill gas potential
MAYChlorine and childhood cancer
MAYBetter passwords get with the beat
MAYFresh water using nuclear power
MAYTake control of a wheelchair with a steady jaw and a wink
MAYHow much does email cost a business?
MAYSocial learning
MAYHide files within files for better data security
MAYComputers sing to a better tune
MAYRanking research
APRRadar checks buildings after earthquakes
APRTwitter and natural disasters
APRFiltering out pesticides with E. coli
APRWhy academic start-up companies fail
APRHow do we fight the war against cyber terrorism?
APRSimple arithmetic for faster, more secure websites
APRLooking to blue skies for cloud security
APRShopping online, privacy, data protection and third-party tracking
APRLocation, location, location
APRTracing cancer back to its source using computer dissection
MARBlood simple circuitry for cyborgs
MARPredicting serious drug side effects before they occur
MARVideo skilled the students so far
MARConch shell gives nano insights into composite materials
MAREmergency call centre emotion detector
MARTowards electronic healthcare centred on the patient
MARNatural sequence farming
MARWater for an integrative climate paradigm
MARElectronic healthcare at the click of a mouse
MARCan bees color maps better than ants?
MARTrust, clarity and openness in the workplace
FEBMaking the web more accessible to people with disabilities and special needs
FEBBuild your online networks using social annotations
FEBIn the biotech business: it's not what you know, it's what you know about who you know
FEBThe international digital divide
FEBMalaria declines with global warming
FEBGo green, give a boost to employee morale
JANDetecting lethal diseases with rust and sand
JANThwarting attacks on cell phone mesh networks
JANConverting 2-D photo into 3-D face for security applications and forensics
JANFunctional boost for magnetic resonance imaging
JANSpeeding up E. coli detection
JANDoes it hurt?
JANLife-logging assists dementia sufferers
JANCarbon swap bank to beat climate change
JANFiltering kitchen wastewater for plants