2010 Journal news


DECIJ Advanced Media and Communication Editor a 2010 Distinguished Scientist
DECNew Editor for IJ Technology Intelligence and Planning
DECNew Editor for IJ Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications
DECIJ Business Information Systems increases issues for 2012
DECIJ Six Sigma and Competitive Advantage has new editor
DECIJ Planning and Scheduling calls for papers for inaugural issue
OCTMarie Curie Prize and Atoms for Peace Prize
OCTNew Editor for IJ Computational Science and Engineering
OCTIJ Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Editor at new Young and Family Enterprise Centre
SEPIJ Biomedical Engineering Technology and IJ Networking and Virtual Organisations increase issues
SEPNew Editors for IJ Social Network Mining
SEPLooking ahead - IJ Critical Accounting increases issues in 2012
JUL3 journals move to monthly, 1 to bi-monthly from 2011
JUNTitle change for IJ Computational Medical Engineering
MAYEditorial change at IJ Agile Systems and Management
MAYIJ Procurement Management increases issues for 2011
MAYIJ Computer Aided Engineering and Technology to increase issues
MAYNew Editorial Team for IJ Vehicle Performance
APREditorial change at IJ Advanced Media and Communication
APRIJ Cognitive Performance Support calls for inaugural issues papers
APRIJ Satellite Communications, Policy and Management and IJ Electronic Transport also find new editors
APRNew Editors and Boards for World Review of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development, World Review of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development and IJ Food Safety, Nutrition and Public Health
APRIJ Shipping and Transport Logistics Consulting Editor most productive author in POM (1959-2008)
APRIJ Powertrains calls for papers for first issue
MARIJ Technology Enhanced Learning to increase issues
FEB300 Titles Now Published. And More
FEBSupply Chain Distinction Awards 2010
FEBIJ Cognitive Biometrics calls for papers for inaugural issue
FEBIJ Signal and Imaging Systems Engineering Editor elected IEEE Fellow
JANIJ Exergy increases issues for 2011
JANIJ Powertrain Editor appointed