2009 Journal news


DEC30,000 papers now online!
DECNew Editors for IJ Cognitive Performance Support, IJ Liability and Scientific Enquiry, IJ Sustainable Strategic Management
NOVIJ Nanomanufacturing appoints new Editors
NOVIJ Advanced Intelligence Paradigms adds new Editor
NOVIJ Innovation & Regional Development increase issues for 2011
SEPIJ Nano and Biomaterials and IJ Business Performance Management get new editors
SEPNew Editor for IJ Nanoparticles
SEPIJ Computer Applications in Technology gets new Editor-in-Chief
AUGIJ Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing goes for extra issues
AUGIJ Public Policy increases issues
AUGIJ Luxury Intelligence now Luxury Intelligence: an International Journal
AUGNew Editor for IJ Petroleum Engineering
JULNew Editors for IJ Agricultural Resources, Governance and Ecology and IJ Water...
JUL... and for IJ Agile Systems and Management
JUNEuropean Jnl of International Management increases issues
MAY... as does IJ Business and Globalisation
MAYIJ Bio-Inspired Computation, IJ Innovation and Learning increase issues
MAYNew Editor for IJ Quality Engineering and Technology
MAYIJ Advanced Mechatronic Systems increases issues
MAY3 more issue increases for 2010
MAYIJ Biomedical Engineering expands further than previously announced
APR25,000 Papers Now Online
MARNew subject heading: Knowledge Studies
MARNew editors for IJ Management in Education
MARIssue increase for IJ Business and Systems Research
MARIJ Hospitality Knowledge Management now IJ Knowledge Management in Tourism and Hospitality
FEBEditorial changes at IJ Computational Materials Science and Surface Engineering
FEBNew Editor for IJ Energy Technology and Policy
JANIJ Information Integrity has new name, new editor
JAN3 more journals increase issues from 2010
JANIJ Economics and Business Research to increase issues
JANAuthor Open Access Option: a new facility for Inderscience authors
JANNew Editors for IJ Environment and Sustainable Development… and IJ Financial Services Management
JANNew Editors for IJ Technology Marketing
JANIJ Entrepreneurship and Small Business to increase issues