International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Multiscale Mechanics
Editor-in-Chief Tariq A. Khraishi will make a selection from each issue of a “must-read” paper.
The choices so far are:
Vol. 1, Issue 1:
Unsteady flows in a capillary lined with a thin porous surface layer by method of fundamental solutions
P.H. Wen, W. Wang, Y.W. Liu
Vol. 1, Issue 2:
Spiral motion of carbon atoms and C60 fullerenes inside single-walled carbon nanotubes
Y. Chan, N. Thamwattana, James M. Hill
Vol. 1, Issue 3 :
Background to multi-scale modelling of unbonded Post-Tensioned concrete structures
Yu Huang, Thomas H-K. Kang, Chris Ramseyer, Changsoon Rha
Vol. 1, Issue 4:
Green's function for a coated elliptic hole problem in plane elasticity
Ching Kong Chao, Chin Kun Chen, Fu Mo Chen, Alexander M. Korsunsky
Vol. 2, Issue 1 :
Control of transient thermal stress in a piezo-composite disk
Fumihiro Ashida, Sei-ichiro Sakata, Youhei Sugimoto
Vol. 2, Issue 2:
Modelling dislocations in a polycrystal using the Generalised Finite Element Method
J. Robbins, T.E. Voth