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Int. J. of Bio-Inspired Computation


Special Issue on: "New Trends in Many-Objective Optimisation"

Guest Editors:
Dr. Gai-Ge Wang, Jiangsu Normal University, China
Dr. Yi Mei and Dr. Mengjie Zhang, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Dr. Witold Pedrycz, University of Alberta, Canada

Manuscripts due by: 1 May, 2017

Notification to authors: 1 July, 2017

Final versions due by: 1 October, 2017

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Special Issue on: "Evolutionary Computation for Art and Music: Theory and Applications"

Guest Editors:
Dr. B. K. Panigrahi, Indian Institute of Technology, India
Dr. Wei Fang, Jiangnan University, China
Dr. Zhou Wu, Chongqing University, China
Dr. Bo Jiang, Zhejiang University of Technology, China
Dr. Shi Cheng, Shaanxi Normal University, China

Manuscripts due by: 30 September, 2017

Notification to authors: 30 March, 2018

Final versions due by: 31 April, 2018

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There is no submission deadline for regular issues. Papers can be submitted any time of the year.