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European J. of International Management


Special Issue on: "Internationalisation of Family Business Groups"

Guest Editors:
Frank Hoy, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA
Jacobo Ramirez and Michael Wendelboe Hansen, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Paloma Miravitlles, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain

Manuscripts due by: 18 May, 2015

Notification to authors: 22 June, 2015

Final versions due by: 16 November, 2015

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Special Issue on: "Research Methods in International Management"

Guest Editors:
Prof. Domingo Enrique Ribeiro-Soriano, Universitat de València, Spain
Prof. Naveen Donthu, Georgia State University, USA
Prof. María Teresa del Val Nuñez, University of Alcalá, Spain

Manuscripts due by: 31 March, 2018

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Special Issue on: "The Role of Intercultural Competence in European International Management: Theory, Measurement, Antecedents, and Outcomes"

Guest Editors:
Associate Prof. Nicole F. Richter, Assistant Prof. Marian van Bakel and Associate Prof. Jeanette Lemmergaard, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
Assistant Prof. Christopher Schlägel, Maastricht University, The Netherlands

Manuscripts due by: 28 February, 2018

Notification to authors: 31 May, 2018

Final versions due by: 15 September, 2018

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Special Issue on: "Emerging Economies and Globalisation of National Borders: a Knowledge Management Perspective of International Human Resource Management"

Guest Editors:
Prof. Manlio Del Giudice, University of Rome "Link Campus", Italy
Prof. Shlomo Y. Tarba, University of Birmingham, UK
Prof. Elias G. Carayannis, George Washington University, USA
Prof. T. Ramayah, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

Manuscripts due by: 1 April, 2018

Notification to authors: 1 July, 2018

Final versions due by: 31 December, 2018

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There is no submission deadline for regular issues. Papers can be submitted any time of the year.