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3 new journal titles have been published and uploaded to our online database since the previous Highlights. Here are their contents; to find the free full text of the articles of these inaugural issues, please click on the links provided:


Int. J. of Knowledge Management in Tourism and Hospitality


  • Knowledge sharing in the retail food protection program: perceived importance and actual implementation
  • Optimal lot sizing policy with power demand and composed shortages under trade credits
  • Geographic information system application for improving Chiang Mai University tourism routes
  • Selection criteria of customers of Chinese restaurants and their dining habits
  • Analysis of a preemptive priority retrial queue with negative customers, starting failure and at most J vacations
  • Modelling organisational innovation in UAE: investigating the love triangle involving leadership, organisational culture and innovation


Int. J. of Nonlinear Dynamics and Control


  • Nonlinear vibration signature analysis of a rotor supported ball bearings
  • Nonlinear vibration analysis of piezolaminated functionally graded cylindrical shell
  • Optimisation of the synchronisation of a class of chaotic systems: combination of sliding mode and feedback control
  • Escaping from a chaotic saddle in the presence of noise
  • An analogue circuit to study the forced and quadratically damped Duffing oscillator
  • Transient and steady-state rotation centre of vehicle dynamics
  • Active vibration control of an elevator system using magnetorheological damper actuator


Int. J. of Sustainable Real Estate and Construction Economics


  • The impact of stock market and macroeconomic variables on real estate prices dynamics: evidence from Saudi Arabia
  • Effects of skills, motivation, and personality traits on the competency of masons
  • Barriers and challenges to smart buildings' concepts and technologies in Brazilian social housing projects
  • Optimal bid model for construction contracts
  • Improved storage and distribution of water in multi-storeyed residential buildings in semi-urban communities of India
  • Excellence board of public housing in the Netherlands through a coherent set of values
  • Towards a smart city through household recycling and waste management: a study on the factors affecting environmental friendliness lifestyle of Guamanian


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Additional Information


The first issues of all our journals are available as free full-text issues. Abstracts and bibliographic details are also available for all articles, and subscription details may be found here.


For more new journals published recently, go to our Journal news page. We also have other new journals in the last stages of the production process, so use the Inderscience news page and blog to keep up with our progress.


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Inderscience is pleased to announce that the following new journal title has been registered, with publication planned for 2018:



Contact for subscription details of the complete Collection.

Xun Xu
Editor in Chief, Int. J. of Logistics Economics and Globalisation


In the context of globalisation, many new phenomena are burgeoning and developing. Among these are e-commerce, social media, information technology and sustainability issues. For example, social media plays a more important role in the business world than ever before. Customers' perceptions of their consumption experience can be explored through online reviews in social media networks. Particularly relevant in the context of globalisation, online reviews are posted from customers all over the world and thus have significant value for business. Research focusing on business value and business intelligence from social media, such as that examining customers' online review behaviour or the impact of social media on business performance, are also burgeoning and developing... More

The Public Policy and Administration Collection features titles covering the public sector in general, such as those on e-government, e-democracy, e-governance, public policy, and public sector performance management. In addition, areas pertaining to the public sector include journals on human rights and constitutional studies, diplomacy and economy, happiness and development, migration and border studies, and public law and policy. Public services are involved in titles addressing healthcare technology and management, and services, economics and management, among others.


Please contact or fax +41-22-9295600 for details of subscriptions.

Inderscience regularly publishes calls for papers for special issues of its journals; here are some of the latest calls whose submission deadlines are coming up in the next few months, arranged by submission date within each topic section:


Call for Papers Journal Titles Deadlines
Computing, Mathematics and Communications
Intelligent Solutions to Industrial Problems through Swarm Intelligence AlgorithmsInt. J. of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms1-Aug
Security and Privacy in Complex Large-scale Computing Systems for Big Data ManagementInt. J. of High Performance Computing and Networking1-Aug
Advanced Communication, Web Search and Data MiningInt. J. of Computational Systems Engineering15-Aug
Emerging Pervasive and Ubiquitous NetworkingInt. J. of Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing17-Aug
Computational Intelligence informatics and Information SecurityInt. J. of Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications30-Aug
Security, Privacy and Trust in Computing and Secured TransactionsInt. J. of Internet Technology and Secured Transactions30-Aug
Advances in Computational SystemsInt. J. of Computational Systems Engineering31-Aug
Internet of Things: Principles, Methodologies, and ApplicationsInt. J. of High Performance Systems Architecture31-Aug
Modelling and Simulation of Chaotic ProcessesInt. J. of Simulation and Process Modelling31-Aug
Secure Data Storage in Cloud ComputingInt. J. of Innovative Computing and Applications31-Aug
Computational Thinking and the Development of Complex SystemsInt. J. of Simulation and Process Modelling1-Sep
Quantifying Human Factors: Towards Analytical Human-in-the-LoopInt. J. of Human Factors Modelling and Simulation1-Sep
Cyber Security Issues and SolutionsInt. J. of Information and Computer Security30-Sep
Evolutionary Computation for Art and Music: Theory and ApplicationsInt. J. of Bio-Inspired Computation30-Sep
Research in Virtual RealityInt. J. of Computational Vision and Robotics30-Sep
Economics and Finance
Pluralism with Purpose: Applying a Pluralist Approach to Informing PolicyInt. J. of Pluralism and Economics Education30-Aug
Education, Knowledge and Learning
Teaching Inequality in an Age of PluralismInt. J. of Pluralism and Economics Education1-Aug
Technological Transformations in Open and Innovative Education in the Mobile EraInt. J. of Mobile Learning and Organisation31-Oct
Energy and Environment
Intellectual Energy Technologies: Prospects and International ExperienceInt. J. of Energy Technology and Policy31-Aug
Sustainable Computing for Waste Management and SystemsInt. J. of Environment and Waste Management31-Aug
Smart House Oriented CommunityInt. J. of Sustainable Society30-Sep
Energy Aspects of Tribology for Sustainable DevelopmentWorld Review of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development31-Oct
Healthcare and Biosciences
Machine Learning Techniques for Medical and Biological ApplicationsInt. J. of Biomedical Engineering and Technology25-Aug
Bio-Inspired Medical Image Processing and Smart Healthcare ApplicationsInt. J. of Social Computing and Cyber-Physical Systems30-Aug
Management and Business
Critical Success Factors for Public TransportationInt. J. of System of Systems Engineering1-Aug
Synergising Digital-based Technology, Accounting and Management in Developing Business Sustainability and Economic Growth in Emerging MarketsInt. J. of Public Sector Performance Management2-Aug
Anatomy of Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship: Past, Present and FutureInt. J. of Entrepreneurship and Small Business31-Aug
Big Data and Decision Sciences in Management and EngineeringInt. J. of Intelligent Information and Database Systems31-Aug
Mergers and Acquisitions in the High-tech Industry: Investment Strategies, Value Creation and InnovationInt. J. of Management and Enterprise Development31-Aug
Supply Chain Design for an Omni-channel StrategyInt. J. of Supply Chain and Operations Resilience25-Sep
Big Data Analytics and Business IntelligenceInt. J. of Business Intelligence and Data Mining30-Sep
Family Entrepreneurship in Transition and Emerging EconomiesInt. J. of Transitions and Innovation Systems30-Sep
Human Resources, Leadership and Public ManagementInt. J. of Public Sector Performance Management30-Sep
Inter-Organisational Networks: Towards Linking Individual, Organisational and Global PhenomenaGlobal Business and Economics Review30-Sep
Joint Marketing-Inventory Decisions ResearchInt. J. of Inventory Research30-Sep
Knowledge Management SystemsInt. J. of Technology, Policy and Management30-Sep
New Methodological and Practical Developments of the PROMETHEE MethodsInt. J. of Multicriteria Decision Making30-Sep
Port Sustainability and ResilienceInt. J. of Shipping and Transport Logistics30-Sep
Supply Chains in the Network EconomyJournal of Supply Chain Relocation30-Sep
Triple Helix Dynamics for Innovation and Regional GrowthGlobal Business and Economics Review30-Sep
People Create Your Innovative Technology - How Do You Manage ThemInt. J. of Technology Management1-Oct
Emerging Trends in Product Development and Innovation ManagementInt. J. of Product Development15-Oct
Sustainability, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Business Ecosystems for Business Growth and Development in Emerging MarketsInt. J. of Innovation and Sustainable Development27-Oct
Ethics and Social ResponsibilityWorld Review of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development30-Oct
Leadership and Management: Challenges and Issues Facing Organisations in Developing CountriesMiddle East Journal of Management30-Oct
Emerging Research Issues in the Field of Frugal InnovationInt. J. of Technology Management31-Oct
Science, Engineering and Technology
Intelligent Technologies in Modern Industries: Challenges Facing Globalisation and InformatisationInt. J. of Information Technology and Management25-Aug
Vibration Control Strategies to Improve the Lifecycle Performance of Engineering StructuresInt. J. of Lifecycle Performance Engineering30-Aug
Advances in Laser-Based ManufacturingInt. J. of Mechatronics and Manufacturing Systems1-Sep
Dynamics, Control and Energy Efficiency of Electrified VehiclesInt. J. of Vehicle Autonomous Systems1-Sep
Human-Robot InteractionInt. J. of the Digital Human1-Sep
Engineering Design for Safety and ReliabilityInt. J. of Reliability and Safety30-Sep
Technological Upgrading and Innovation in Emerging EconomiesInt. J. of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development30-Sep
Technologies Applied in ArtsInt. J. of Arts and Technology30-Sep
Society and Leisure
Sports Marketing Agenda RevisitedInt. J. of Sport Management and Marketing30-Sep
E-tourism and Stakeholder Engagement: Theories and PracticesInt. J. of Digital Culture and Electronic Tourism15-Oct


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For details of some 30 further calls for papers with later deadlines, visit our calls for papers page.

A Note Concerning Fees and Open Access


Inderscience Publishers would like to remind authors that there are no charges for publishing with Inderscience, unless you require your article to be Open Access (OA). OA articles accepted for publication are available online and freely accessible to all without any restriction except use for commercial purposes; a fee must be paid for an article to be made OA. You can find more information on OA here.


If you receive an email requesting payment in relation to your article (for example for editing or reviewing services), then you should ignore and delete the email - it is not a legitimate Inderscience email. If you are unsure, you can check with us at


If you are publishing an Open Access article with us, remember that we will never request payment before your paper has been accepted.


Editorial Appointments


New editors have been appointed as follows:


Prof. Yong Yin to the Asian Journal of Management Science and Applications.

Prof. Hironori Washizaki to the Int. J. of Agile and Extreme Software Development.

Dr. Khoa Luu to the Int. J. of Cognitive Biometrics.

Dr. David Junsong Huang to the Int. J. of Complexity in Leadership and Management.

Prof. Ning Jackie Zhang to the Int. J. of Computational Medicine and Healthcare.

Dr. Vincent Duffy to the Int. J. of the Digital Human.

Dr. Andrew Agapiou to the Int. J. of Forensic Engineering and Management.

Prof. Sarhan M. Musa to the Int. J. of Humanitarian Technology.

Prof. Jiang Zhuangde to the Int. J. of Nanomanufacturing.


Issue Increase


From 2018, the Int. J. of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms will increase its frequency from 6 to 8 issues per year.

Inderscience is pleased to have its journals associated with the events listed below as a media partner. Click on any banner for further information. For a complete list of events - including those associated through the publication of invited, extended papers - please visit our Events page.


Energy and Environment
Healthcare and Biosciences
Management and Business
Risk, Safety and Emergency Management
Science, Engineering and Technology


The following articles were selected for their wider appeal to a more general audience and most have been featured in the scientific and business press as well as the international media:


Healthcare and Biosciences
The cost-effectiveness of major HIV/AIDS interventions in rural and urban areas in South Africa
Management and Business
Interplay between the convoluting forces of culture and globalisation
Volkswagen brand: the fall of an auto empire
Risk, Safety and Emergency Management
Insights from terrorism intelligence and eradication efforts - Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram - for more pragmatic botnet countermeasures
Science, Engineering and Technology
Evaluation of physicochemical, thermal and tribological properties of sesame oil (Sesamum indicum L.): a potential agricultural crop base stock for eco-friendly industrial lubricants
Global research trends in materials chemistry: a scientometric perspective
Real-time automatic obstacle detection and alert system for driver assistance on Indian roads
Society and Leisure
Re-imagining the future for desert Australia: designing an integrated pathway for enhancing livability
Trancing: applying evolution's cognitive adaptation via web art/music

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