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New Journals

3 new journal titles have been published and uploaded to our online database since the previous Highlights. Here are their contents; to find the free full text of the articles of these inaugural issues, please click on the links provided:


International Journal of Computational Complexity and Intelligent Algorithms


  • Clustering algorithms for intelligent web
  • A hybrid cuckoo search metaheuristic algorithm for solving single machine total weighted tardiness scheduling problems with sequence dependent setup times
  • A heuristic algorithm searching optimum routes for maritime transportation
  • Improved algorithms for an efficient arithmetic on some categories of elliptic curves
  • A fuzzy lifetime-based particle swarm optimisation with varying swarm size to solve a production inventory model
  • Pathfinding for the navigation of visually impaired people


International Journal of Corporate Strategy and Social Responsibility


  • The link between corporate social performance and financial performance: empirical evidence from Japanese firms
  • Water stewardship and North America's food and beverage companies: a case study in corporate sustainability
  • From flexibility to specificity: practical lessons from comparing materiality in sustainability reports of the world's largest financial institutions
  • What to make of unprofitable corporate social responsibility
  • CSR and indirect impacts of core business products/services of financial services institutions


International Journal of Smart Technology and Learning


  • The discourse of a 'smart' technology: implications for educational practice
  • The potential of smart technologies for learning and instruction
  • Teacher orchestration and student learning during mathematics activities in a smart classroom
  • Introducing the smart education framework: core elements for successful learning in a digital world
  • From smart testing to smart learning: how testing technology can assist the new generation of education
  • The personal learning environment and the institution of education: reflections on technological personalisation in iTEC schools


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Additional Information


The first issues of all our journals are available as free full-text issues. Abstracts and bibliographic details are also available for all articles, and subscription details may be found here.


For more new journals published recently, go to our Journal news page. We also have other new journals in the last stages of the production process, so use the Inderscience news page and blog to keep up with our progress.


Please contact or fax +41-22-9295600 for details of subscriptions.

Inderscience is pleased to announce that the following new journal titles have been registered, with publication planned for 2017:



Contact for subscription details of the complete Collection.

Dr. Chih-Shun Hsu

Editor in Chief, International Journal of Vehicle Information and Communication Systems


“Telematics” is a combination of the two words “telecommunications” and “informatics”. Today the term “telematics” usually refers to the communication and information systems of vehicles. The communication systems of vehicles are not restricted to telecommunication systems only; they also refer to wireless communication systems. Currently an intelligent vehicle may contain pairs of forward and rear radars, cameras and recorders, a positioning system, a communication facility, a computing platform and a touch screen. The vehicle may collect, retrieve or exchange external information through its communication facilities. It may also collect internal information through its radars, cameras and positioning system. All of this collected information is processed and analysed by its computing platform. Important information may display on the touch screen. Finally, the computing platform may assist the driver in making proper decisions and taking appropriate action so as to avoid danger and save travelling time. Hence telematics play an important role in intelligent vehicle and intelligent transportation systems and thus have attracted a lot of attention... More

With school and university students having recently finished their summer vacations and the new educational year under way, perhaps it's a good time to highlight the 15 journals in Education and Life-Long Learning Collection. The International Journal of Continuing Engineering Education and Life-Long Learning is the founding title of the collection. Technology features heavily among other titles, including technology-enhanced learning, smart technology, social media and interactive learning. Other topics involve education and quantitative research, innovation, sustainability, and case studies. Management in education is covered, while two titles deal with economics: education economics, and pluralism and economics education.


Please contact or fax +41-22-9295600 for details of subscriptions.

Inderscience regularly publishes calls for papers for special issues of its journals; here are some of the latest calls whose submission deadlines are coming up in the next few months, arranged by submission date within each topic section:


Call for Papers Journal Titles Deadlines
Computing, Mathematics and Communications
Data Mining in Signals and Imaging SystemsInternational Journal of Signal and Imaging Systems Engineering1-Nov
Approaching Security Challenges and their RemediesInternational Journal of Internet Technology and Secured Transactions30-Nov
Big Data and Data-Driven ScienceInternational Journal of Data Science30-Nov
Green Mobile Computing for Energy-Efficient Next-Generation Wireless CommunicationInternational Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms30-Nov
On-Chip Communication: Theory and ApplicationsInternational Journal of High Performance Systems Architecture1-Dec
Advances in Intelligent Big Data AnalyticsInternational Journal of Intelligent Engineering Informatics30-Dec
High-Performance Computing Technologies and Emerging Services for IoT SystemsInternational Journal of Internet Technology and Secured Transactions30-Dec
Mathematical Methods for Signal and Image ProcessingInternational Journal of Signal and Imaging Systems Engineering31-Dec
Advances in Information Security, Privacy and Forensics of Multimedia Big Data in the Internet of ThingsInternational Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms15-Jan
Intelligence in Communication SystemsInternational Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms20-Jan
Advanced Techniques in Multimedia WatermarkingInternational Journal of Information and Computer Security31-Jan
Internet of Things-based Cloud ComputingInternational Journal of Internet of Things and Cyber-Assurance31-Jan
Economics and Finance
Asian Consumer and Family BehaviourInternational Journal of Revenue Management15-Nov
The Evolutionary Perspective and Behavioural Approach: The State of the Art, Possibilities and ConstraintsInternational Journal of Economics and Business Research30-Nov
Energy and Environment
Advances in Environmental Management: Economic-Based Policy InstrumentsProgress in Industrial Ecology, An International Journal30-Nov
Advances in Green Economy and SustainabilityInternational Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development30-Nov
DC Microgrids and LVDC Distribution NetworksInternational Journal of Power Electronics1-Dec
New and Renewable Energy ResourcesInternational Journal of Renewable Energy Technology15-Dec
Non-Conventional Energy TechnologyInterdisciplinary Environmental Review15-Dec
Advanced Power Electronics for Distributed Generation and MicrogridsInternational Journal of Power Electronics20-Jan
Advanced Power Electronic Systems for HVDC and DC GridsInternational Journal of Power Electronics20-Jan
Recent Progress in Clean Coal ResearchInternational Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology 31-Jan
Healthcare and Biosciences
Developments in 3D Food Printing for People with Special Dietary NeedsInternational Journal of Rapid Manufacturing31-Dec
Management and Business
Strategic Cultural Intelligence and Intentional ActionEuropean Journal of Cross-Cultural Competence and Management1-Nov
Multinationals, Sustainability and Social ChangeInternational Journal of Business Environment15-Nov
Decision Support Systems in Commerce, Logistics and TransportationInternational Journal of Decision Support Systems28-Nov
Advances in Sport Management in the Global Marketplace: Theory and PracticeInternational Journal of Sport Management and Marketing30-Nov
Supply Chain Quality and SustainabilityInternational Journal of Intelligent Enterprise30-Nov
Unveiling the Commercialisation Mechanisms and Dynamics of University Technological InventionsInternational Journal of Technology Management30-Nov
Advances in Managerial and Financial Accounting, Theory and Practice: Managing the Intangible and Disclosing the Business Performance in Emerging and Traditional MarketsInternational Journal of Managerial and Financial Accounting1-Dec
Agile Methods for Sustainable ManufacturingInternational Journal of Agile Systems and Management31-Dec
Employee Satisfaction and Engagement: Theory and Praxis for Today’s ExcellenceInternational Journal of Human Resources Development and Management31-Dec
Green Production and ManagementInternational Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management31-Dec
Information Science Insights and Contributions to Enhance International EntrepreneurshipInternational Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business31-Dec
PLM for Manufacturing in the Aerospace IndustryInternational Journal of Product Lifecycle Management15-Jan
The Future Promise of Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Cities: Governance, Entrepreneurship and Innovation ManagementWorld Review of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development15-Jan
Science, Engineering and Technology
Recent Advances in the Evaluation of Vehicle Fuel Economy and its Application to Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicle SystemsInternational Journal of Vehicle Performance30-Nov
Advances in the Machining of Composite Materials IIIInternational Journal of Machining and Machinability of Materials31-Dec
Advances in Metrology of Surface TopographyInternational Journal of Surface Science and Engineering31-Dec
Recent Advances in Active Safety Control Systems for Commercial VehiclesInternational Journal of Heavy Vehicle Systems1-Jan
Recent Advances in Modelling, Control and Optimisation of Powertrains for Electric and Hybrid Electric VehiclesInternational Journal of Powertrains15-Jan
Learning for RoboticsInternational Journal of Embedded Systems30-Jan
Society and Leisure
Social Media and Social Media Marketing in Tourism, Hospitality and CultureInternational Journal of Digital Culture and Electronic Tourism15-Jan


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For details of some 30 further calls for papers with later deadlines, visit our calls for papers page.

International Journal of Export Marketing presented at 2016 Academy of Marketing Conference


The inaugural issue of the International Journal of Export Marketing was presented this year at the Academy of Marketing Conference 2016 at the Newcastle Business School of Northumbria University in the UK. This is the main annual event for the Academy of Marketing and 290 articles were presented. There were 25 different tracks in the marketing field and more than 400 participants. The event is generally considered as the major conference in marketing science. The journal's inaugural issue was presented in the special session 'Meet the Editors', and a stand displayed copies of the inaugural issue and the journal's webpage, as shown here.


Inderscience Editor re-appointed to chair Undergraduate Awards


Dr. James S. Etim, Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Gender Studies in Developing Societies, has been re-appointed as the Education Panel Chair 2016-2017 for the Undergraduate Awards, the world's largest academic awards program.


Editorial Appointments


New editors have been appointed as follows:


Prof. Xun Chen to the International Journal of Abrasive Technology.

Dr. Haotian Wu to the International Journal of Alternative Propulsion.

Associate Prof. Mohammad I. Merhi to the International Journal of Behavioural and Healthcare Research.

Dr. Aladdin Ayesh to the International Journal of Computational Complexity and Intelligent Algorithms.

Prof. George Perry to the International Journal of Ecological Bioscience and Biotechnology, with Prof. Rudolph J. Castellani as Executive Editor.

Prof. Raghuraj Singh to the International Journal of Forensic Software Engineering.

Prof. Daniel Berman to the International Journal of Healthcare Policy.

Dr. Gunther Paul to the International Journal of Human Factors Modelling and Simulation.

Prof. Neal Xiong to the International Journal of Information Technology, Communications and Convergence.

Dr. Jengchung Victor Chen to the International Journal of Intercultural Information Management.

Prof. Zhiqiang Wang to the International Journal of Internet Manufacturing and Services.

Prof. Firuz Zare to the International Journal of Power Electronics.

Associate Prof. Evelyne J.B. Sřrensen to the International Journal of Public Law and Policy.

Prof. Bhekisipho Twala to the International Journal of Semantic and Infrastructure Services.

Dr. Vijendra Singh to the International Journal of Social Computing and Cyber-Physical Systems.

Associate Prof. Chih-Shun Hsu to the International Journal of Vehicle Information and Communication Systems.

Associate Prof. Shangguang Wang to the International Journal of Web Science.


Issue Increase


From 2017 the following journals will increase the frequency of their annual issues as shown:


International Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms from 4 to 6

International Journal of Business Excellence from 8 to 12

International Journal of Business Innovation and Research from 8 to 12

International Journal of Global Warming from 8 to 12

Journal for Global Business Advancement from 4 to 6

World Review of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development from 4 to 6

Inderscience is pleased to have its journals associated with the events listed below as a media partner. Click on any banner for further information. For a complete list of events - including those associated through the publication of invited, extended papers - please visit our Events page.


Computing, Mathematics and Communications
Economics and Finance
Education, Knowledge and Learning
Energy and Environment
Healthcare and Biosciences
Management and Business
Risk, Safety and Emergency Management
Science, Engineering and Technology
Society and Leisure

The following articles were selected for their wider appeal to a more general audience and most have been featured in the scientific and business press as well as the international media:


Computing, Mathematics and Communications
HoneyString: an improved methodology over tag digit-based honeypot to detect shoulder surfing attack
The digital and natural worlds: crisis or challenge?
Education, Knowledge and Learning
Student engagement in massive open online courses
The role of a social context for ICT learning and support in reducing digital inequalities for older ICT users
Energy and Environment
Securing the smart grid: threats and remediation
Sustaining public engagement with addressing climate change and the role of social solutions
Management and Business
Market potential for transport airships in service to Hong Kong
The influence of brand mimicry on luxury brands
Society and Leisure
Multiobjective evolutionary algorithms for the taxi sharing problem

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