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Title: A vulnerability evaluation framework for online social network profiles: axioms and propositions
  Author: Sophia Alim, Daniel Neagu, Mick Ridley   Email author(s)
  Address: AI Research Centre, University of Bradford, Bradford BD7 1DP, UK. ' AI Research Centre, University of Bradford, Bradford BD7 1DP, UK. ' AI Research Centre, University of Bradford, Bradford BD7 1DP, UK
  Journal: International Journal of Internet Technology and Secured Transactions 2012 - Vol. 4, No.2/3  pp. 198 - 206
  Abstract: Online social network (OSN) usage has led to personal details being presented on online profiles readily. This can cause profile owners to be vulnerable to social engineering attacks. Our approach to quantifying vulnerability consists of a model with three components: individual, relative and absolute vulnerabilities. The individual vulnerability is calculated by allocating weights to profile attribute values disclosed which may contribute towards the personal vulnerability of the profile owner. The relative vulnerability is the collective vulnerability of the profiles' friends. The absolute vulnerability is the overall vulnerability for the profile which considers the individual and relative vulnerabilities. This paper extends research done on axioms based on the vulnerability model, by stating propositions to explore the effects of different operators on the profiles relative and absolute vulnerabilities. The case studies show that our approach offers a formal background for estimating how attributes and operator changes influence the individual, relative and absolute vulnerability of OSN profiles.
  Keywords: vulnerability evaluation; online social networks; OSN profiles; axioms; propositions; information disclosure; social network profiles; personal details; social engineering attacks.
  DOI: 10.1504/IJITST.2012.047961
  Submission date: 21 Sep 2011
Date of acceptance: 16 Mar 2012
Available online: 16 Jul 2012
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