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International Journal of Nuclear Desalination (IJND)

International Journal of Nuclear Desalination

The following articles showcase the range and quality of the content in the International Journal of Nuclear Desalination (IJND)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Practical application of the RUTA safe pool-type nuclear reactor to demonstrate the advantages of atomic energy useA. RomenkovVol.3 No.4390-400Free access
A global overview on nuclear desalinationI. KhamisVol.3 No.4311-328Free access
Nuclear seawater desalination plant coupled with 200 MW heating reactorHaijun Jia, Yajun ZhangVol.3 No.2230-239Free access
IAEA's DEEP in Carlsbad: co-producing energy and water in Southern CaliforniaGeoffrey RothwellVol.2 No.3265-279Free access
Fouling and cleaning of seawater reverse osmosis membranes in Kalpakkam nuclear desalination plantV. Murugan, K. Rajanbabu, S.A. Tiwari, C. Balasubramanian, Manoj Kumar Yadav, A.Y. Dangore, S. Prabhakar, P.K. TewariVol.2 No.2172-178Free access
The pebble bed modular reactor, desalination challenges and optionsDave NichollsVol.1 No.4400-410Free access
The role of nuclear desalination in the Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaMohammed S. Aljohani, Abdul-Rahman A.F. Abdul-Fattah, Abdullah I. AlmarshadVol.1 No.2188-200Free access
Advances in nuclear desalinationBraj Mohan MisraVol.1 No.119-29Free access