International Journal of Powertrains

International Journal of Powertrains (IJPT)
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Dr. Xubin Song
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1.2 (2023)

The International Journal of Powertrains (IJPT) was established in 2011 and has become an authoritative international reference in its field. It publishes proceedings of the International Association for Vehicle Design, which is an independent, non-profit learned society that exists to develop, promote and coordinate the science and practice of automotive engineering, technology, vehicle design and safety.

IJPT addresses novel scientific/technological results contributing to advancing powertrain technology, from components/subsystems to system integration/controls. Focus is primarily but not exclusively on ground vehicle applications. IJPT's perspective is largely inspired by the fact that many innovations in powertrain advancement are only possible due to synergies between mechanical design, mechanisms, mechatronics, controls, networking system integration, etc. The science behind these is characterised by physical phenomena across the range of physics (multiphysics) and scale of motion (multiscale) governing the behaviour of components/subsystems.