Book Series


The Shipping and Transport Logistics Book Series publishes research findings with practical value and scientific rigour in the research approach. The key objective of the Series is to publish research output to promote best practices in the area of shipping and transport logistics. It also aims to strengthen the theoretical base that underpins sound managerial decisions in shipping and transport logistics.

'Shipping business' is selected as the theme for the second volume of this Series. The studies reported in this volume under five chapters cover the areas of shipping capacity, shipping market, shipping cycle, non-linear management, and shipping finance. Chapter 1 contains the research findings of a study conducted by the Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, while the other chapters contain the results of research carried out by the University of Piraeus.

This book aims to provide a useful reference for researchers and practitioners containing in-depth knowledge about the business of shipping. The authors are grateful to the support of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in the form of research grants (Project codes: J-BB7L and J-BB7J) to develop this book.

Special thanks are also extended to Dr. M.A. Dorgham, Mrs. B. Curran, and their associates at Inderscience Publishers for their professional editorial assistance in the production of this book. We are grateful to Mrs. M-E. Psifia for her assistance in preparing some of the figures and tables in the book.

Alexander M. Goulielmos
Y.H. Venus Lun
C.T. Daniel Ng
T.C. Edwin Cheng