Chapter 5: Optimisation, Planning and Decision Support

Title: The introduction of multi-model simulation decision support system for urban para-transit transport management in the City of Chiang Mai

Author(s): Pree Thiengburanathum, Poon Thiengburanathum

Address: College of Arts Media and Technology, Chiang Mai University, Huaykeaw Rd, Suthep, Chiang Mai, 50300, Thailand | Department of Civil Engineering, Chiang Mai University, Huaykeaw Rd, Suthep, Chiang Mai, 50300, Thailand

Reference: Software, Knowledge, Information Management and Applications (SKIMA 2013) pp. 233 - 241

Abstract/Summary: Chiang Mai City needs to address para-transit issue immediately to protect economic development and maintain its reputation as an attractive destination for tourists. The management of the 'red cab' system (shared taxi) is a real world and complex problem in Chiang Mai, and there are many factors and stakeholders involved in terms of decision-making involved with the generation of running routes, operating time tables, and determining the most logical stations of pickup and drop-off. To manage the complex problem, it is necessary to develop an advanced software system. The multidisciplinary approaches of knowledge need to be integrated for the proposed study. In this paper, we propose a conceptual framework of multi-model driven as a decision support system (DSS) in order to address or predict some major issues in the real world urban public transport management system in Chiang Mai City and its impact on tourism.

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