PART I: Diaspora contribution to home country

Title: Making a systematic diaspora contribution to Sudan: Experience from the Sudan Health Consultancy group

Author(s): Huda H Mohamed, Muna I Abdel Aziz, Ishraga MA Awad, Victor Joseph, Rida Y ElKheir, Moneim ElHassan, Mayada AbuAffan, Safa I A Abdalla, Basma ElSafi, Maha Ellider

Address: West Midlands East Health Protection Unit | Sheffi eld Primary Care Trust | West Midlands Health Protection Agency | Doncaster Primary Care Trust | Derby City Primary Care Trust|Stockport Teaching Hospital|Dudley Primary Care Trust|All-Ireland Travellers Health Study|Queen|s Hospital|Liverpool School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (UK)

Reference: First Sudanese Diaspora International Conference - 2009 pp. 13 - 24

Abstract/Summary: In this paper by the Sudan Health Consultancy group, we share and reflect on our own experiences of making a systematic diaspora contribution to Sudan. We feel that our contribution to Sudan has been facilitated greatly by: firstly, the way we organise ourselves as a group and our collective skills and expertise, secondly, our partnership working and how we have systematically partnered with influential organisations and practically, by planning and tracking our work programme, and ensuring we make the time to deliver voluntary contributions to deadline. This paper therefore sets out how we are organised, and highlights our work programme. We hope this will stimulate other groups to set themselves up formally as we have, and also encourage further members to join the Sudanese Public Health Network.

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