Chapter 2: Collaborative design and manufacturing

Title: A Dynamic Multi-view Product Model to Share the Product Behaviours Among Designers

Author(s): Frédéric Noël

Address: Laboratory of Soils Solids Structures, Grenoble University, 1029, Rue de la piscine, BP53, 38041, Grenoble Cedex 9 France

Reference: International Conference on Product Lifecycle Management 2005 pp. 113 - 123

Abstract/Summary: In the context of extended enterprise, models to share information about product definition during design stage are often under focus. In this paper the author describes a Product-Process-Organisation integrated model. The aim of this model is to share a common representation of: 1). the product, 2). the sequence of design activities, 3). the company organisation supporting this development process 4). the relationships between previous objects. This system is dedicated to share information between designers from different skills and know-how who model products in various way. Then the proposed model integrates the various behaviours of the product at any stage of its life cycle. Product behaviour depends on the expert point of view: it may be either required or deduced from an expert analysis. Moreover behaviour sequence corresponding to the product life cycle may be itself defined as a sequence of activities where the product is involved. This article discusses the duality between design development process and product life cycle. It deals with the behaviour concept and how it may be referred along the development process.

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