Proceedings of the International Conference on
Product Lifecycle Management    PLM'09
Supporting the extended enterprise
PLM-SP5, 2009

Chapter 9: PLM Survey

PagesTitle and authors
425 - 435Are RCM methodologies used along the plant lifecycle? Designing a survey
Lorenzo Barni, Mario Tucci, Leonardo Bonci, Gianni Bettini
436 - 446Current situation of PLM systems in SME/SMI: survey's results and analysis
Soumaya El Kadiri, Philippe Pernelle, Miguel Delattre, Abdelaziz Bouras
447 - 458Implementing PLM projects: evidences from practice
Sergio Terzi, Marco Garetti
459 - 469Product lifecycle management for global market: case studies of Japanese firms
Young Won Park, Paul Hong, Takeshi Abe, Satoshi Goto
PagesTitle and authors