Proceedings of the International Conference on
Product Lifecycle Management    PLM'07
Assessing the industrial relevance

PLM-SP3, 2007

Chapter 7: Knowledge engineering

PagesTitle and authors
415 - 424Knowledge integration and transfer at PLM: a crown gear case study
David Guerra-Zubiaga, Nicolás Peņaranda, Ricardo Magaņa, Arturo Peņaranda, Laurent Donato
425 - 434A framework for ontology-based manufacturing support systems
Min-Ho Cho, Chan-Gie Lee, Dong-Won Kim
435 - 444Conceptual design knowledge management in a PLM framework
Caterina Rizzi, Daniele Regazzoni
445 - 456Towards an ontology for open assembly model
Xenia Fiorentini, Iacopo Gambino, Vei-Chung Liang, Sebti Foufou, Sudarsan Rachuri, Conrad Bock, Mahesh Mani
457 - 466A feature-based approach to integrate product and process architectures
Jörg Feldhusen, Frederik Bungert, Nils Macke, Manuel Löwer
467 - 476An artificial intelligence based design environment for complex products
Ahmet Gayretli
477 - 486Cad automation and KB user interfaces for an efficient integration of topological optimisation tools in the product development process
L. Barbieri, F. Bruno, U. Cugini, M. Muzzupappa
PagesTitle and authors