Proceedings of the International Conference on
Product Lifecycle Management    PLM'07
Assessing the industrial relevance

PLM-SP3, 2007

Chapter 11: Promise

PagesTitle and authors
717 - 724Recycling of engineering thermoplastics used in consumer electrical and electronic equipment
Elli Lazzaro, Igor Sbarski, John Bishop
725 - 732Integrated assessment of recycling options for mixed waste plastics fractions
John Bishop, Carl Hans, Igor Sbarski, Martin Schnatmeyer, Klaus-Dieter Thoben
733 - 742Tracking and tracing in the end-of-life phase of product lifecycle management
Carl Hans, Karl A. Hribernik, David Potter, Paul Folan, Klaus-Dieter Thoben
743 - 752Design improvement method using product usage data in a closed-loop PLM
Jong-Ho Shin, Hong-Bae Jun, Dimitris Kiritsis, Paul Xirouchakis
753 - 762Improving automobile parts recovery using product usage history information
Parlikad A. K., Folan P., Mascolo J., McFarlane D. C.
763 - 772Tracking and tracing product lifecycle data in a closed-loop PLM
Hong-Bae Jun, Dimitris Kiritsis, Paul Xirouchakis
773 - 782Assessment of item-specific information management approaches in the area of heavy load vehicles
Cecile Corcelle, Kary Främling, Lutz Rabe, Jürgen Anke, Jouni Petrow
783 - 790An approach to enhance product lifecycle management with intelligent sensors
D. Barisic, G. Stromberg, D. Bichler, M. Krogmann, M. Loew
791 - 798An integrated approach to decision support for maintenance management: a case study for machine tools
Rosanna Fornasiero, Andrea Zangiacomi, Daniele Panarese, Jacopo Cassina, Marco Taisch
799 - 808A decision support system for lifecycle management: a cost evaluation approach to maintenance planning
R. Fornasiero, M. Sorlini, J. Mascolo, N. Francone
809 - 818Proposal of a PLM standard for mass products
Jacopo Cassina, Maurizio Tomasella, Marco Taisch, Andrea Matta, Sergio Terzi
819 - 828Assessing complex product lifecycle management and technology development research projects
Carl C. Røstad, Ingrid Spjelkavik, Linda C. Hald, Bjørnar Henriksen, Bjørn Moseng
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