Proceedings of the International Conference on
Product Lifecycle Management    PLM'07
Assessing the industrial relevance

PLM-SP3, 2007

Chapter 1: Organizational issues

PagesTitle and authors
3 - 10Applying a benchmarking method to organize the product lifecycle management for aeronautic suppliers
Jefferson de Oliveira Gomes, Rolando Vargas Vallejos
11 - 20Metrics The business intelligence side of PLM
Axel Hahn, Stephan Groce Austing, Jan Strickmann
21 - 30Supporting collaboration in product design through PLM system customization
Guillaume Pol, Christophe Merlo, Jeremy Legardeur, Graham Jared
31 - 42Customer Centric PLM - Integrating customers' feedback into product data and lifecycle processes
Stefano Schulte
43 - 52Linking organizational innovation and product lifecycle management
Marisa K. Smith, Peter D. Ball
53 - 60A framework of PLM practices for multi-partner sourcing organization
Deepak Alse
61 - 70Product life cycle process analysis
J. Doyle, Q. Wang
PagesTitle and authors