Proceedings of the International Conference on
Product Lifecycle Management PLM'10
PLM-SP6, 2010
(from Chapter 5: Change Management)

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Title: Resistance to change - a study of human behavior in companies implementing software applications
  Author(s): V. Madhusudan, G. Nagalingappa
  Address: Siemens Product Lifecycle Management, No. 11, Niton Building, Palace Road, Bangalore, 560052 India
PES Institute of Technology, Department of Management Studies, Banashankari III Stage, Bangalore 560 085 India
vmadhusudan @, nagalinga @
  Reference: PLM-SP6 - 2010 Proceedings  pp. 249 - 258
Many organizations use the opportunity of implementing software to transform their organization and bring about an organizational change. This paper looks into the studies that have been done until now in the area of resistance to change and identifies the various theories that address this domain. A study is conducted to understand the reasons and factors behind resistance to change in people involved in adopting a product lifecycle management software application in their organization. This research investigates the relationship between cultural background and its impact on the degree of resistance and the expressive nature of resistance. The areas of human behavior where Indian philosophies can be applied towards management of this resistance to change, while implementing with people of Indian cultural background is discussed. This study intends to incorporate the learning towards a definition of a comprehensive software implementation methodology.
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