Proceedings of the International Conference on
Product Lifecycle Management PLM'10
PLM-SP6, 2010
(from Chapter 4: Collaborative Product Development)

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Title: PLM training through collaborative product design and manufacturing projects
  Author(s): C. Vila, J.V. Abellan, A.M. Estruch, G.M. Bruscas
  Address: Department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Design, Universitat Jaume I., Av. de Vicent Sos Baynat s/n. 12071 Castellón, Spain
vila @
  Reference: PLM-SP6 - 2010 Proceedings  pp. 194 - 203
In this work we present an educational experience that is focused on teaching collaborative practices for product design and manufacturing. The paper compares two different approaches for engineering education in a product development context. In the first approach each team has to develop a product by collaborating in each product lifecycle stage. The second approach involves collaboration and competition between teams since they participate in different stages of each product’s development.
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