Proceedings of the International Conference on
Product Lifecycle Management PLM'10
PLM-SP6, 2010
(from Chapter 4: Collaborative Product Development)

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Title: Designing global engineering networks along the product lifecycle
  Author(s): Yufeng Zhang, Mike Gregory
  Address: Birmingham Business School, Birmingham University, University House, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 2TT, UK
Institute for Manufacturing, Cambridge University, Mill Lane, Cambridge CB2 1RX, UK
y.zhang.6 @, mjg @
  Reference: PLM-SP6 - 2010 Proceedings  pp. 182 - 193
Product lifecycle management (PLM) provides a strategic approach to synergising dispersed engineering operations in changing business environments. However, how to design and operate global engineering networks (GEN) along the product lifecycle is not well understood in the existing literature. Companies cannot fully benefit from PLM tools or techniques without an engineering network to support PLM concepts consistently. This paper reports the key findings of our research aiming to understand how to effectively manage internationally dispersed engineering activities along the product lifecycle. Key issues for GEN design and operations were identified through in-depth case studies and presented with an integrating PLM framework. This paper enriches the PLM literature by addressing network design and operations issues with a configuration view. At the same time, it extends the theoretical understanding of engineering networks from a PLM perspective. It also provides guidance for managers to align their global engineering operations with the product lifecycle in a systematic way.
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