Proceedings of the International Conference on
Product Lifecycle Management PLM'10
PLM-SP6, 2010
(from Chapter 1: Asset Information Management)

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Title: Asset information management: from strategy to benefit
  Author(s): Valentijn de Leeuw, Sid Snitkin
  Address: ARC Advisory Group, 15, rue de Milly, 77760 Chevrainvilliers, France
VdeLeeuw @, SRSnitkin @
  Reference: PLM-SP6 - 2010 Proceedings  pp. 26 - 37
The paper reviews ARC’s research regarding asset lifecycle management (ALM), asset performance management (APM) and asset information management (AIM) and then outlines the requirements for a good AIM strategy and solution. ARC’s model for AIM positions it as a key element within the context of a complete asset lifecycle management program. A strategy for the transformation of current ALM and AIM to optimal ALM and AIM is discussed, flexible enough to accommodate different corporate characteristics. Improvement potential for ALM processes will be discussed, in particular where they concern asset information creation, handover, understanding, exploitation and management. A rational but effective information technology (IT) architecture is proposed which allows users to fully leverage capabilities within their existing IT investments. To reap the maximum benefits from ALM, AIM needs to be addressed with local programs as well as part of a strategic corporate initiative. Guidelines for good governance are given to maximize returns from the initiative, supported by models on asset performance by ARC and studies on benefits related to AIM (NIST and ARC).
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