Proceedings of the International Conference on
Product Lifecycle Management    PLM'09
Supporting the extended enterprise
PLM-SP5, 2009
(from Chapter 13: Knowledge Management)

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Title: Measurement of product model complexity based on the integrated PLM model
  Author(s): Stephan groBe Austing, Axel Hahn
  Address: Department of Computer Science, University of Oldenburg Ammerlander Heerstr, 114-118 26111 Oldenburg, Germany
austing @, hahn @
  Reference: PLM-SP5 - 2009 Proceedings  pp. 635 - 645
The management of product development projects requires objective measures that provide an evaluation of the product model during the development process. This paper proposes an approach for the analysis of product models to find quantitative estimates about the process output. This quantification is called complexity. The partial models of the product lifecycle are transformed into a knowledge-based representation that provides a holistic description of the different domains in the product development process. On the basis of this representation and a formalized description of the concepts and relations within and between the domains, the complexity of the integrated model is measured against a reference model. The measure is derived from the reference model using a mathematical model that is rooted in the theories of measurement to guarantee the appropriateness for the purpose of product development performance measurement.
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