Success factors of FinTech start-ups in Hong Kong
by Yie Kei Li; Nicholas Harkiolakis
International Journal of Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation (IJSEI), Vol. 5, No. 3, 2020

Abstract: This study surveyed 150 FinTech CEOs or founders in Hong Kong and Shenzhen to understand key success factors for a FinTech start-up. FinTech start-ups tend to be formed by, on average, three founders who complement their expertise in both the IT and financial industry fields. An average start-up capital of around USD 500,000 to USD 1 million seems to be the norm for local FinTech start-ups. Multiple funding sources are typically considered, including family funds, in many cases required by outside investors as proof of commitment. Government policies (e.g., free rental and tax cuts in early stages) were deemed important for initial growth. The study's regional focus might not validate a generalisation to other financial centres but findings contribute further understanding of the FinTech phenomenon in one of the world's most active finance markets. Future research is required to investigate other financial centres worldwide (Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Singapore, etc.).

Online publication date:: Mon, 15-Mar-2021

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