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Editor in Chief: Associate Prof. Chih-Shun Hsu
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Information and communication systems of vehicles are the keys to make vehicles and transport systems smart. IJVICS focuses on novel/enhanced theories and applications of these two systems and their integration. It provides a forum for this important research area where the systems may assist the driver or even control the vehicle, big data analysis may help manufacturers build more convenient, comfortable and safer vehicles and the results may also be used to improve safety, efficiency and convenience of transport systems.


 Topics covered include

  • Vehicular computers, sensors and meters
  • Human-machine interfaces, real-time data processing
  • Decision making, artificial intelligence
  • Databases, cloud computing, big data, simulation
  • Spectrum management, vehicular antennas, propagation, RF design
  • Cooperative/V2V/V2I communications
  • Quality of service, security
  • Positioning, localisation, navigation, mobility management
  • Transmission technologies, communication theory/protocols
  • Wireless access technology, vehicular networking, telematics
  • Vehicular status monitoring and reporting
  • Collision avoidance systems, vehicle behaviour models
  • Environmentally aware services
  • Cooperative driving, intelligent/self-driving vehicles
  • Intelligent transportation, internet of vehicles (IoV), future trends

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IJVICS aims to highlight how information flow and communication takes place, as well as their interaction, effects and implications between systems and subsystems within the vehicle itself, between the vehicle and other vehicles and between the vehicle and the surrounding environment. Effects of such interaction on the driver, passengers and their safety; the associated environmental implications are also emphasised.


Professionals, academics, researchers, and managers.


IJVICS publishes papers which represent original research, development and applications, as well as case studies, review papers and technical reports.



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Editor in Chief

  • Hsu, Chih-Shun, Shih Hsin University, Taiwan

    Associate Editors

    • Guofu, Yin, Weinan Normal University, China
    • Prasad, K. Venkatesh, Informatics Technologies Research, USA

    European Editor

    • Popescu-Zeletin, Radu, Fraunhofer FOKUS, Germany

    North American Editor

    • Ravani, Bahram, University of California-Davis, USA

    Editorial Board Members

    • Bentley, Peter, Intelligent Transport Systems Australia, Australia
    • Blum, Jeremy, The George Washington University, USA
    • Briesemeister, Linda, SRI Internatinal, USA
    • Byon, Young-ji, Khalifa University of Science, Technology and Research (KUSTAR), United Arab Emirates
    • Chao, Chih-Min, National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan
    • Eger, Chuck, Global Customer Solutions Operations, USA
    • Eiza, Mahmoud Hashem, University of Central Lancashire, UK
    • Eskandarian, Azim, George Washington University, USA
    • Kano, Sadahiko, Waseda University, Japan
    • Kantowitz, Barry, University of Michigan, USA
    • Kato, Shin, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan
    • Ko, Young-Bae, Ajou University, South Korea, Republic of Korea
    • Lee, SuKyoung, Yonsei University, Republic of Korea
    • Liao, Wen-Hwa, Tatung University, Taiwan
    • Ozguner, Umit, The Ohio State University, USA
    • Sahoo, Prasan Kumar, Chang Gung University, Taiwan
    • Sengupta, Raja, University of California-Berkeley, USA
    • Ulfarsson, Gudmundur F., University of Iceland, Iceland
    • Wang, Yibing, Monash University, Australia
    • Zeng, Daniel, University of Arizona, USA
    • Zhang, Ning, University of Waterloo, Canada
    • Zheng, Nanning, Xi'an Jiatong University, China


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