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Traditionally, project management has been neglected by business schools and by default it has become the preserve of more specialised professional faculties such as engineering and architecture. By taking a broader organisational perspective and by covering a wider range of industries and professions, IJPOM will appeal to a wider readership which includes not only those with an interest in mainstream management topics but also practitioners engaged in an unlimited variety of projects.


 Topics covered include

  • Pre-project activities
  • Project proposals/initial analysis, conception/design, management models
  • Post-deployment review/documentation
  • Engineering, production, service, construction projects
  • Public sector programmes/campaigns, public/private sector partnerships
  • Consultancy projects, public relations campaigns
  • Mergers/acquisitions, outsourcing, alliances
  • Particular events, humanitarian aid programmes, disasters projects
  • Virtual projects, web-based PM, open-ended projects
  • Communication/collaboration, negotiation skills, risk assessment/management
  • Current/emerging standards, facilities/equipment support, quality assurance/testing
  • Goals/objectives setting, budgeting, time/cost estimating
  • HRM challenges, staffing, organisation change projects
  • Opportunity management, marketing/branding strategies, measurement/metrics
  • Project coordination/scheduling/governance, knowledge management


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Pre-project activities (e.g. feasibility studies and industry benchmarking)

Project proposals and initial analysis

Project conception and design

Project management models

Post-deployment review and documentation

Project types:

  • Short-term, long-term, open-ended
  • Engineering, production, service, construction
  • Public sector programmes and campaigns
  • Public/private sector partnerships
  • Consultancy projects
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Public relations campaigns
  • Humanitarian aid programmes
  • Film and multimedia production
  • Particular events (eg. Olympics, space missions, product launches)
  • Disasters
  • Virtual projects

Project management functions, issues, themes and techniques, including:

  • Budgeting
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Current and emerging standards
  • Facilities and equipment support
  • Goals and objective setting
  • HRM challenges
  • Organisation change projects
  • Marketing and branding strategies
  • Measurement and metrics
  • Negotiation skills
  • Opportunity management
  • Outsourcing and alliances
  • Project coordination and scheduling
  • Project governance
  • Project knowledge management
  • Project management teams
  • Project review and evaluation
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Resource allocation
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Scheduling
  • Software and systems
  • Staffing
  • Time and cost estimating
  • Web-based PM



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The aim of IJPOM is to attract contributions, and especially case studies, from a wide spectrum of academics and practitioners. As managers and business schools are increasingly placing increasing emphasis on strategy implementation issues, a project management approach will undoubtedly become more compelling and thus more acceptable in a wide range of fields.


IJPOMís readership will come from professionals and managers dealing with project management on a daily basis. It also includes academics and researchers from various fields (business administration, economics and social sciences) concerned with the topic as well as policy makers and project planners in the field of business, commerce and industry.


IJPOM publishes original, theoretical, conceptual and empirical papers on a wide range of issues about project management. It also includes best practice examples as well as technical reports on the latest project management tools.



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    Editor in Chief

  • Wang, John, Montclair State University, USA

Managing Editor

  • Gu, Vicky, University of Houston-Clear Lake, USA

Associate Editors

  • Arditi, David, Illinois Institute of Technology, USA
  • Bresnen, Mike, The University of Manchester, UK
  • Cioffi, Denis Felix, The George Washington University, USA
  • Loosemore, Martin, University of New South Wales, Australia
  • Shen, Li-Yin, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong SAR, China
  • Vitner, Gad, Ruppin Academic Center, Israel
  • Wang, ShouQing, Tsinghua University, China

European Editor

  • Caron, Franco, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Far East Editor

  • Ling, Florence Yean Yng, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Japanese Editor

  • Morita, Hiroshi, Osaka University, Japan

Editorial Board Members

  • Adenfelt, Maria, Swedish Defence Research Agency, Sweden
  • Adler, Terry, New Mexico State University Management, USA
  • Ahsan, Kamrul, RMIT University, Australia
  • Alderman, Neil, Newcastle University, UK
  • Andersen, Erling S., BI Norwegian School of Management, Norway
  • Ballesteros Pérez, Pablo, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain
  • Bao, Jinsong, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
  • Beach, Roger, University of Bradford, UK
  • Besner, Claude, University of Quebec at Montreal, Canada
  • Bourgault, Mario, University of Montreal, Ecole Polytechnique, Canada
  • Bowen, Paul, University of Cape Town, South Africa
  • Bryde, David, Liverpool John Moores University, UK
  • Burns, James, Texas Tech University, USA
  • Burström, Thommie, Hanken School of Economics, Finland
  • Bygdås, Arne Lindseth, Oslo and Akershus University College, Norway
  • Castellano, Davide, Università degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II", Italy
  • Cheffi, Walid, CBE-UAE University, United Arab Emirates
  • Chen, Chuan, University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Chen, Wei Tong, National Yunlin University of Science & Technology, Taiwan
  • Cheung, Sai On, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR, China
  • Chiocchio, François, University of Ottawa, Canada
  • Chong, Heap-Yih, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia
  • Davis, Jonathan, University of Houston Downtown, USA
  • Eriksson, Per Erik, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
  • Fortune, Joyce, Open University, UK
  • Furlong, Shauneen, University of Liverpool, Canada
  • Ginger, Levin, University of Wisconsin-Platteville, USA
  • Gottlieb, Stefan Christoffer, Aalborg University, Denmark
  • Gunawan, Indra, University of Adelaide, Australia
  • Guo, Hongling, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong SAR, China
  • Gustafsson, Magnus, Åbo Akademi University, Finland
  • Henderson, Linda, University of San Francisco, USA
  • Hussein, Bassam, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
  • Hwang, Bon-Gang, National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • Jaafar, Mastura, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Joshi, Sudhanshu, Doon University, India
  • Karrbom Gustavsson, Tina, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
  • Ke, Yongjian, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
  • Kirytopoulos, Konstantinos, University of South Australia, Australia
  • Koch, Christian, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
  • Korn, Michael, Hochschule Karlsruhe, University of Applied Sciences, Germany
  • Kutsch, Elmar, Cranfield University, UK
  • Lee, Hong Tau, National Chin-Yi University of Technology, Taiwan
  • Liu, Julie Yu-Chih, Yuan Ze University, Taiwan
  • Loke, Siew-Phaik, Quest International University Perak, Malaysia
  • Lu, Yujie, National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • Müller, Ralf, Umeå University, Sweden
  • Marle, Franck, Ecole Centrale Paris, France
  • Martinsuo, Miia, Tampere University of Technology, Finland
  • Maylor, Harvey, Cranfield University, UK
  • Meng, Xianhai, Queen's University Belfast, UK
  • Ochieng, Edward, Cranfield University, UK
  • Olsson, Nils, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
  • Oyedele, Lukumon, Queen’s University Belfast, UK
  • Packendorff, Johann, KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
  • Patnaik, Srikanta, SOA University and Interscience Institute of Management and Technology, Bhubaneswar, India
  • Pesämaa, Ossi, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
  • Pons, Dirk, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
  • Rajablu, Mahmoud, Canadian Business Success Centre (CBSC), Canada
  • Ram, Jiwat, University of Adelaide, Australia
  • Rathod, Urvashi, International Institute of Information Technology, India
  • Schniederjans, Dara, University of Rhode Island, USA
  • Sense, Andrew, University of Wollongong, Australia
  • Sertyesilisik, Begum, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
  • Shen, Geoffrey Qiping, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong SAR, China
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  • Zhao, Xianbo, Central Queensland University, Australia
  • Zou, Patrick X.W., Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
  • Zwikael, Ofer, Australian National University, Australia


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