International Journal of Computational Materials Science and Surface Engineering

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Editor in Chief: Prof. Fei Yin
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IJCMSSE provides a blend of theoretical and applied study of computational materials science and surface engineering. Its scope includes original contributions on materials science and engineering, surface engineering, and computational methods of modelling, simulation and prediction for designing materials and structures at all length scales. The journal aims to address solutions to current engineering problems in which computational materials science and surface engineering methods must be applied, and to publish state-of-the-art reviews of current problems that will stimulate research.


 Topics covered include

  • Statistical/artificial intelligence methods, numerical techniques
  • Expert systems, genetic algorithms, neural networks
  • Process system design, engineering/materials/technological design
  • Mould flow analysis, modelling behaviour of materials
  • Materials/engineering databases
  • Computer-aided materials selection/design/manufacturing
  • Computer-integrated material processing
  • Computer-aided learning/teaching
  • Casting, powder metallurgy, welding, sintering, plastic deformation
  • Heat, thermo-mechanical/chemical treatment
  • Thin/thick coatings and other surface treatment methods
  • Advanced manufacturing technology, machining, laser/electron beam treatment
  • Nanomaterials synthesis, nano/micromanufacturing/technology
  • Electronic packaging technology, quality assessment, green manufacturing
  • Societal and educational implications


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Methods of analysis and modeling of materials and surfaces:

  • Statistical methods
  • Artificial intelligence methods
  • Expert systems
  • Genetic algorithms
  • Neural networks
  • Numerical techniques
  • Process system design
  • Mould flow analysis
  • Engineering design
  • Technological design
  • Materials design
  • Modelling of behaviour of materials
  • Materials and engineering databases
  • Computer-aided materials selection
  • Computer-aided materials design
  • Computer-aided manufacturing
  • Computer-integrated material processing
  • Computer-aided learning and teaching

Manufacturing and processing of materials:

  • Casting
  • Powder metallurgy
  • Welding
  • Sintering
  • Plastic deformation
  • Heat treatment
  • Thermo-mechanical treatment
  • Thermo-chemical treatment
  • Thin and thick coatings and other methods of surface treatment
  • Advanced manufacturing technology
  • Machining
  • Laser treatment
  • Electron beam treatment
  • Processes for nanomaterials synthesis
  • Nanomanufacturing and nanotechnology
  • Micromanufacturing
  • Electronic packaging technology
  • Quality assessment
  • Green manufacturing
  • Surface engineering
  • Societal and educational implications



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The objective of the IJCMSSE is to establish an effective channel of communication between academic and research institutions and persons concerned with industrial research supported by practical application. It also aims at promoting and coordinating developments in the field of computational materials science and computational surface engineering by publishing original scientific papers which describe computer-aided methods of modelling, simulation and prediction for designing new engineering materials and the technological processes of the manufacturing in materials that are used for solving problems posed by materials and surface engineering professionsals, industrial managers and administrators, and technical education personnel.


IJCMSSE is intended for a broad audience such as research professionals, scientists, academics, engineers, policy-makers, managers and students in the field of materials science and engineering, materials processing technologies and surface engineering.


IJCMSSE is a fully refereed, international journal, providing an international forum and an authoritative source of information in the field of computational materials science and surface engineering. It publishes primarily invited original high quality research and review papers, and features progress reports, short communications, technical reports, case studies, management reports, conference reports, and book reviews. IJCMSSE periodically also publishes special issues devoted to developments in important topics including selected scientific conference proceedings.



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    Editor in Chief

  • Yin, Fei, Wuhan University of Technology, China

Editorial Board Members

  • Attia, Helmi, Aerospace Manufacturing Technology Centre, Canada
  • Chen, Xun, Liverpool John Moores University, UK
  • Cheng, Kai, Brunel University, UK
  • Hussain, Mohammed Sakhawat, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Wang, Lihui, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
  • Yilbas, Bekir Sami, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia


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Journal news

  • Silver nanoparticles by design


    A team in India has tested the antibacterial activity of silver nanoparticles generated in the presence of the common microbes Streptomyces species. They used ultraviolet spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction to assess the structures of the AgNPs. Electron microscopy revealed the particles to be spherical and 30 nanometres in diameter. The particles were active against Escherichia coli and other microbial pathogens. However, parallel tests against a laboratory breast cancer cell line showed them to be even more toxic against such cells and to open up the possibility of using such biological AgNPs in a new type of anticancer therapy [...]

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  • New Editor for International Journal of Computational Materials Science and Surface Engineering


    Prof. Fei Yin from the Wuhan University of Technology in China has been appointed to take over editorship of the International Journal of Computational Materials Science and Surface Engineering.