Environment and Sustainable Development


(Energy and Environment) 51 titles


  1. African J. of Economic and Sustainable Development
  2. Int. J. of Agricultural Resources, Governance and Ecology
  3. Int. J. of Alternative Propulsion
  4. Int. J. of Arab Culture, Management and Sustainable Development
  5. Int. J. of Biotechnology
  6. Int. J. of Complexity in Leadership and Management
  7. Int. J. of Corporate Strategy and Social Responsibility
  8. Int. J. of Ecological Bioscience and Biotechnology (NYP)
  9. Int. J. of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
  10. Int. J. of Energy Technology and Policy
  11. Int. J. of Environment and Health
  12. Int. J. of Environment and Pollution
  13. Int. J. of Environment and Sustainable Development
  14. Int. J. of Environment and Waste Management
  15. Int. J. of Environment, Workplace and Employment
  16. Int. J. of Environmental Engineering
  17. Int. J. of Environmental Policy and Decision Making
  18. Int. J. of Environmental Technology and Management
  19. Int. J. of Global Energy Issues
  20. Int. J. of Global Environmental Issues
  21. Int. J. of Global Warming
  22. Int. J. of Green Economics
  23. Int. J. of Higher Education and Sustainability
  24. Int. J. of Hydrology Science and Technology
  25. Int. J. of Innovation and Sustainable Development
  26. Int. J. of Liability and Scientific Enquiry
  27. Int. J. of Low Radiation
  28. Int. J. of Mining and Mineral Engineering
  29. Int. J. of Nuclear Desalination
  30. Int. J. of Nuclear Governance, Economy and Ecology
  31. Int. J. of Nuclear Hydrogen Production and Applications
  32. Int. J. of Nuclear Safety and Security (NYP)
  33. Int. J. of Ocean Systems Management
  34. Int. J. of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology
  35. Int. J. of Remanufacturing (NYP)
  36. Int. J. of Renewable Energy Technology
  37. Int. J. of Sustainable Agricultural Management and Informatics
  38. Int. J. of Sustainable Aviation
  39. Int. J. of Sustainable Design
  40. Int. J. of Sustainable Development
  41. Int. J. of Sustainable Economy
  42. Int. J. of Sustainable Manufacturing
  43. Int. J. of Sustainable Real Estate and Construction Economics
  44. Int. J. of Sustainable Society
  45. Int. J. of Sustainable Strategic Management
  46. Int. J. of Water
  47. Interdisciplinary Environmental Review
  48. Latin American J. of Management for Sustainable Development
  49. Progress in Industrial Ecology, An Int. J.
  50. World Review of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development
  51. World Review of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development


(NYP) = Not Yet Published