Operational Management and Marketing


(Management and Business) 88 titles


  1. Asian J. of Management Science and Applications
  2. EuroMed J. of Management
  3. European J. of Industrial Engineering
  4. European J. of International Management
  5. Int. J. of Advanced Operations Management
  6. Int. J. of Agile Systems and Management
  7. Int. J. of Applied Decision Sciences
  8. Int. J. of Applied Management Science
  9. Int. J. of Applied Systemic Studies
  10. Int. J. of Automation and Logistics
  11. Int. J. of Aviation Management
  12. Int. J. of Bibliometrics in Business and Management
  13. Int. J. of Business and Data Analytics (NYP)
  14. Int. J. of Business Excellence
  15. Int. J. of Business Forecasting and Marketing Intelligence
  16. Int. J. of Business Performance and Supply Chain Modelling
  17. Int. J. of Chinese Culture and Management
  18. Int. J. of Comparative Management
  19. Int. J. of Competitiveness
  20. Int. J. of Complexity in Applied Science and Technology
  21. Int. J. of Complexity in Leadership and Management
  22. Int. J. of Data Analysis Techniques and Strategies
  23. Int. J. of Data Mining, Modelling and Management
  24. Int. J. of Digital Enterprise Technology (NYP)
  25. Int. J. of Electronic Customer Relationship Management
  26. Int. J. of Electronic Marketing and Retailing
  27. Int. J. of Engineering Management and Economics
  28. Int. J. of Enterprise Network Management
  29. Int. J. of Enterprise Systems Integration and Interoperability (NYP)
  30. Int. J. of Experimental Design and Process Optimisation
  31. Int. J. of Export Marketing
  32. Int. J. of Family Business and Regional Development (NYP)
  33. Int. J. of Hospitality and Event Management
  34. Int. J. of Indian Culture and Business Management
  35. Int. J. of Industrial and Systems Engineering
  36. Int. J. of Information and Decision Sciences
  37. Int. J. of Information and Operations Management Education
  38. Int. J. of Innovation and Regional Development
  39. Int. J. of Integrated Supply Management
  40. Int. J. of Internet and Enterprise Management
  41. Int. J. of Internet Manufacturing and Services
  42. Int. J. of Internet Marketing and Advertising
  43. Int. J. of Inventory Research
  44. Int. J. of Islamic Marketing and Branding
  45. Int. J. of Knowledge Management in Tourism and Hospitality
  46. Int. J. of Lean Enterprise Research
  47. Int. J. of Leisure and Tourism Marketing
  48. Int. J. of Logistics Economics and Globalisation
  49. Int. J. of Logistics Systems and Management
  50. Int. J. of Management and Network Economics
  51. Int. J. of Management Development
  52. Int. J. of Manufacturing Technology and Management
  53. Int. J. of Mass Customisation
  54. Int. J. of Mathematics in Operational Research
  55. Int. J. of Modelling in Operations Management
  56. Int. J. of Multicriteria Decision Making
  57. Int. J. of Operational Research
  58. Int. J. of Planning and Scheduling
  59. Int. J. of Postharvest Technology and Innovation
  60. Int. J. of Process Management and Benchmarking
  61. Int. J. of Procurement Management
  62. Int. J. of Product Development
  63. Int. J. of Productivity and Quality Management
  64. Int. J. of Quality and Innovation
  65. Int. J. of Quality Engineering and Technology
  66. Int. J. of Responsible Management in Emerging Economies (NYP)
  67. Int. J. of Service and Computing Oriented Manufacturing
  68. Int. J. of Services and Operations Management
  69. Int. J. of Services Operations and Informatics
  70. Int. J. of Services Technology and Management
  71. Int. J. of Shipping and Transport Logistics
  72. Int. J. of Six Sigma and Competitive Advantage
  73. Int. J. of Sport Management and Marketing
  74. Int. J. of Supply Chain and Inventory Management
  75. Int. J. of Supply Chain and Operations Resilience
  76. Int. J. of Sustainable Agricultural Management and Informatics
  77. Int. J. of Teaching and Case Studies
  78. Int. J. of Technology Marketing
  79. Int. J. of Technology Transfer and Commercialisation
  80. Int. J. of the Built Environment and Asset Management
  81. Int. J. of Value Chain Management
  82. Int. J. of Work Innovation
  83. J. of Supply Chain Relocation (NYP)
  84. Latin American J. of Management for Sustainable Development
  85. Luxury Research J.
  86. MENA J. of Cross-Cultural Management (NYP)
  87. Middle East J. of Management
  88. World Review of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development


(NYP) = Not Yet Published