Business Administration


(Management and Business) 47 titles


  1. Asian J. of Management Science and Applications
  2. Global Business and Economics Review
  3. Int. J. of Applied Decision Sciences
  4. Int. J. of Applied Management Science
  5. Int. J. of Arab Culture, Management and Sustainable Development
  6. Int. J. of Bibliometrics in Business and Management
  7. Int. J. of Business and Emerging Markets
  8. Int. J. of Business and Globalisation
  9. Int. J. of Business and Systems Research
  10. Int. J. of Business Competition and Growth
  11. Int. J. of Business Continuity and Risk Management
  12. Int. J. of Business Environment
  13. Int. J. of Business Excellence
  14. Int. J. of Business Forecasting and Marketing Intelligence
  15. Int. J. of Business Governance and Ethics
  16. Int. J. of Business Information Systems
  17. Int. J. of Business Innovation and Research
  18. Int. J. of Business Intelligence and Data Mining
  19. Int. J. of Business Intelligence and Systems Engineering
  20. Int. J. of Business Performance and Supply Chain Modelling
  21. Int. J. of Business Performance Management
  22. Int. J. of Business Process Integration and Management
  23. Int. J. of Chinese Culture and Management
  24. Int. J. of Comparative Management (NYP)
  25. Int. J. of Complexity in Leadership and Management
  26. Int. J. of Corporate Governance
  27. Int. J. of Data Analysis Techniques and Strategies
  28. Int. J. of Economics and Business Research
  29. Int. J. of Electronic Business
  30. Int. J. of Entrepreneurship and Small Business
  31. Int. J. of Family Business and Regional Development (NYP)
  32. Int. J. of Globalisation and Small Business
  33. Int. J. of Governance and Financial Intermediation (NYP)
  34. Int. J. of Indian Culture and Business Management
  35. Int. J. of Innovation and Regional Development
  36. Int. J. of Markets and Business Systems
  37. Int. J. of Multicriteria Decision Making
  38. Int. J. of Multinational Corporation Strategy
  39. Int. J. of Responsible Management in Emerging Economies (NYP)
  40. Int. J. of Strategic Business Alliances
  41. Int. J. of Sustainable Strategic Management
  42. J. for Global Business Advancement
  43. J. for International Business and Entrepreneurship Development
  44. Luxury Research J.
  45. MENA J. of Cross-Cultural Management (NYP)
  46. Middle East J. of Management
  47. World Review of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development


(NYP) = Not Yet Published