2010 Research news


DECRecord time limit
DECVertical search across the educational horizon
DECOverindulgence is not the green option. Who cares?
DECPhysical protection for the internet
DECUrgent ban on all asbestos needed
DECThe worm that turned on heavy metal
DECWikis in higher education
DECGold and silver nano baubles
DECData mining depression
NOVHow to avoid employee depression in a recession
NOVCould thermodynamics solve the problem of sustainability?
NOVSocial networking extends mobile battery life
NOVDisease tracking - is there an app for that?
NOVSaving our data from digital decay
NOVBrain size and a trip to Disneyland
NOVThe color of medicine
NOVColonic navigation
NOVImproving health care in the Internet age
OCTReducing carbon emissions by improving global equality
OCTScrambling for climate change solutions
OCTValue-added sulfur scrubbing
OCTHappier to give than receive?
OCTBeauty is in the eye of the beholder the world over
OCTCharcoal biofilter cleans up fertilizer waste gases
OCTPercolating a solution to hexavalent chromium
OCTBudget constraints limit FDA inspections
OCTNano drugs
OCTWeb-based creativity
OCTTechnology transfer and postdoc entrepreneurs
SEPCitizen scientist
SEPEmotional robot pets
SEPLess is more in the fight against terrorism
SEPStrictly high heels
SEPFuzzy thinking could spot heart disease risk
SEPImplant blood test
SEPBionic speech recognition
SEPGambling on breast scans
AUGTreating customers as online equals boosts business
AUGEngineering shorter wait times in the ER
AUGThe future of the Web is a matter of semantics
AUGCan anthropology solve an economic crisis?
JULThe risky business of choosing your work mates
JULNanotechnology for water purification
JULSeeing the forest and the trees reveals heart problems
JULInsecurities plague electronic health care
JULJargon-busting software bridges the knowledge gap
JULReversible watermarking for digital images
JULIs your school website flashy or safe?
JULFlash, aaaaagh!
JUNAn "omics" for databases in the life sciences
JUNWireless vs. wireless
JUNIt's in the bones
JUNElemental bones
JUNPodcasting language
JUNEducation is a family affair
JUNWaste steel in the Gulf of Mexico
JUNA quick fix for queues
MAYCuckoo designs spring
MAYWireless patients
MAYAntibacterial silver nanoparticles are a blast
MAYDynamic HIV testing
MAY3D skin cancer diagnosis
MAYImpact sensor provides athletic support
MAYRadio tags could save lives after earthquakes
MAYDiatoms reveal freshwater pollution
APRLocating tsunami warning buoys
APRMaking reverse logistics green and profitable
APRBanking on benefits
APRPasswords are pass� but biometrics are not mobile
APRPasswords are passé but biometrics are not mobile
APRImproving network firewalls
APRCalculating agriculture's phosphorus footprint
APRWireless nano sensors could save bridges, buildings
APRMusic therapy fails dyslexic readers
APRMusic therapy fails dyslexics
APRThe green food choice may not be so green
APRWireless health care for diabetes
MARA portable security risk
MARProfiting on the Internet
MAREnvironmental refugees and global warming
MARObesity and passive smoking reduce oxygen supply to unborn baby
MARSafer, greener cars are corked
MARBlue skies thinking for cloud security
MARWireless solution to emergency situations
MAREmergency online communities
FEBHiding the honeypots
FEBAn emotion detector for baby
FEBTruly random numbers
FEBA business head in the clouds
FEBHandling emergencies online
FEBRenewable oil companies
FEBHackers at the movies
FEBSoft intelligence for hard decisions
JANBroadband silver surfers are well off
JANBroadband and human rights
JANTeaching computer games
JANUseless online student quizzes
JANTreating panic disorder on the web
JANConsidering the evidence in health care
JANMobile bushfire monitoring
JANGetting a grip on school timetables
JANSecond-hand pollution