2009 Research news


DECBest go digital in a pandemic
DECChristmas cholesterol epiphany
DECMiss whiplash with locking headrest
DECEmissions targets all at sea
DECUbiquitous health
DECGreen by design
NOVFlaxseed oil and osteoporosis
NOVBuilding the smart home wirelessly
NOVICT fails to accelerate drug approvals
NOVLet them eat snail
NOVIntegrated mobile learning
NOVSelf-cleaning silicone gel insect wings
NOVPutting the squeeze on DNA
NOVYoga boosts heart health
NOVTrusting eBay sellers
NOVModified Bluetooth speeds up telemedicine
OCTSweet solution to energy production
OCTCopyright protection problems
OCTHerbal tonic for radiotherapy
OCTIdentifying ID theft and fraud
OCTThe 12-step path to white-collar crime
OCTNanotech protection
OCTSetting sail in an ecological 'Earthship'
OCTBanking on outlier detection
SEPDenial of service denial
SEPThe skinny on 'Lean' education
SEPControlling the language of security
SEPFarming out rural internet services
SEPAnticancer nanotech
SEPNanotube risk assessment
SEPTired doctors make more mistakes
SEPBringing harmony to electronic waste disposal
SEPDesigning cars for expectant mothers
AUGBaby's mp3 heart monitor
AUGStrictly ballroom analysis
AUGCall center optimization
AUGMoral machines
AUGRecession and debt payback
AUGA safe approach to nanotechnology
AUGWiring the world wirelessly
JULOpening a new window on daylight
JULBioVault locks up biometrics
JULYawn alert for weary drivers
JULSpaced out trees reduce urban pollution
JULClimate change in the cosmic greenhouse
JULSlotted buses keep passengers cool
JULLess trouble at mill, thanks to earthworms
JULNetting a new attitude to climate change
JULBlur's noise and distortion reversed
JULRecognition at last
JULThe archival protection racket
JUNWho wants to pay more for green electricity?
JUNOrganic traffic lights
JUNFuzzy dampers could make cars quieter
JUNCorporate bullying
JUNPhthalic symbol
JUN3D printing for new tissues and organs
JUNContemplating excess wind
JUNDistributed security
JUNThe dark side of animation
JUNThe microbial hydrocarbon diet
JUNThe first goal is the deepest
JUNFood security and the income gap
JUNFree music, sampled
MAYOnline educational empowerment
MAYPersonal discrimination on the Web
MAYPandemic passenger screening
MAYFrail elderly disaster
MAYPrivacy problems and e-government
MAYAgricultural aromatherapy
MAYStopping Chinese cybercrime
MAYHow much oil have we used?
MAYSocial networking for terrorists
APRIf the face fits…
APRXBox forensics
APRWorking well under pressure
APRBrown fields, green spaces, and regeneration
APRParenting skills for workers
APRMa and Pa solutions to global warming
APRWaste not, want not
APRRelocation, relocation, relocation
MARStatistical road safety
MAREntrepeneurs of the dark side
MARKnobbly kneed ID
MARDesign revolution
MARBuilding on pulp waste
MARSending out a net warning
MARThe good side of Black Sea pollution
MARContact centres and identity theft
MARStudying the female form
MARGetting into hot water
MARPeer-to-peer heart monitoring
MARSIMONE's e-mail feel-good factor
MARFowl soil additive breaks down crude oil
MARAirborne asthma allergens
FEBSocial patents
FEBGive the foie gras a miss
FEBAccidental wireless
FEBAugmenting the breast screening program
FEBWireless drug control
FEBDefectors take the car, cooperators go by bus
JANSpotting student dropouts
JANPharmaceutical disobedience
JANThe auto change bicycle
JANTilting at wind farms
JANP2P traffic control
JANLogical reversal