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International Journal of Multimedia Intelligence and Security (IJMIS)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Text binarisation for complex multi coloured textual imagesG. Chitrakala, D. ManjulaVol.2 No.190-104Free access
An improved and secure smart card-based authentication schemeSandeep K. SoodVol.2 No.175-89Free access
Distributed multiview video coding with 3D-DCT transform domain Wyner-Ziv codecJonathan K.K. Loo, Zhuo Xue, Enrico Masala, Amanda P.Y. Yip, Dhananjay SinghVol.2 No.154-74Free access
P2P network system for private live-streaming distributionTakayuki Hisada, Yusuke Hirota, Hideki Tode, Koso MurakamiVol.2 No.136-53Free access
A relay path selection method for video streaming on shared terminalsYasuhiro Kawano, Koji Hashimoto, Yoshitaka ShibataVol.2 No.118-35Free access
An adaptive harmonic broadcasting scheme with download and playback synchronisation for video on demandMohammad Saiedur Rahaman, Ashfaqur Rahman, Sumaira TasnimVol.2 No.14-17Free access