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International Journal of Arab Culture, Management and Sustainable Development (IJACMSD)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Do you speak 'urban design'? Intermediations between grammar of space and the fragments of city-textMurat ÇetinVol.2 No.183-100Free access
Quality perception among university students and influence on Islamic culture on it: a case studyShatha Azat HawarnaVol.2 No.172-82Free access
Malek Bennabi's concept and interdisciplinary approach to civilisationBadrane BenlahceneVol.2 No.155-71Free access
'Thinking' terminologies from Quronic perspective and their impact on human intellectual developmentJamal BadiVol.2 No.141-54Free access
Scientific contributions of Ibn HazmAbdi Omar Shuriye; Femi Salami AbdulazeezVol.2 No.130-40Free access
Contributions of Islamic scholars to sustainable human and environmental development: Islam Hadhari and future development of Muslim countriesIbrahim Olatunde Uthman; L.O. Abbas; K.K. OlosoVol.2 No.117-29Free access
The meaning and dialectics of education, teaching, refinement, urbanisation and civilisation: a Khaldounic point of viewJilani Ben Touhami MeftahVol.2 No.13-16Free access