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International Journal of Services and Operations Management (IJSOM)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Lay-out optimisation through an integrated approach based on material flow and operations mapping using a commercial softwareAntonella Petrillo; Fabio De Felice; Alessandro Silvestri; Domenico FalconeVol.23 No.1113-134Free access
The role of time, communication, and cost management on project management success: an empirical study on sample of construction projects customers in Makkah City, Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaBahaà Abdul-Hafez Attallah Al-Nady; Sulieman Ibraheem Shelash Al-Hawary; Main Naser AlolayyanVol.23 No.176-112Free access
The impact of demographic profile on emotional intelligence among the faculty members performance in the educational institutions in Tamil Nadu, India - an empirical studyA. Vasumathi; Mary T. Sagaya; R. SubashiniVol.23 No.159-75Free access
Eco-innovation practices: a case study of green furniture manufacturers in IndonesiaYudi Fernando; Muhammad Shabir Shaharudin; Nabsiah Abdul WahidVol.23 No.143-58Free access
Simulation model for closed loop repairable parts inventory system with service level performance measuresRohit Kapoor; Bhavin J. ShahVol.23 No.118-42Free access
Strategic framework for managing forces of continuity and change in innovation and risk management in service sector: a study of service industry in IndiaV.K. GuptaVol.23 No.11-17Free access