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    by Lucas Eric Da Silva, Kaique Doratiotto, José Geraldo Vidal Vieira 
    Abstract: Studies show that logistics outsourcing is a way to reduce costs, enhance performance, increase service quality, and consequently improve consumer satisfaction. However, the decision between outsourcing and insourcing is a highly complex logistics procedure due to several criteria concerning the selection of alternatives. This decision is also not easy to address when we consider the activities of a distribution centre, where the governance structure in Brazil regarding logistics operations must consider a high use of workforce. We apply methods based on multicriteria decision analysis (MCDA) to provide a recommendation to the decision-maker on whether to insource or outsource the logistics operations of a Brazilian company. Although there are few differences between the insourcing and outsourcing of logistics operations, benefits based on flexibility, working conditions, risks, reputation, innovation and responsiveness, encompassing much more than only costs, were crucial for the decision-making of sustaining insourcing of logistics activities.
    Keywords: Outsourcing; Insourcing; Decision; MCDA; Logistics operations; Distribution centre.

  • Personal Relationships in Supply Chains   Order a copy of this article
    Abstract: This study explores a determinant of escalation of commitment when a personal relationship is present between managers of buying and supplying firms in the supply chain context from an agency theory perspective. As there is very limited research in this area, a qualitative, case study method, employing 10 semi-structured interviews with senior managers of buying firms was undertaken. Findings from this study reveal that higher interpersonal trust which develops as a result of a personal relationship between managers of buying and supplying firms compels managers of buying firms to escalate their commitment. Results also unveil that escalation of commitment increases operational risk of buying firms. Buying firms can use this finding to understand how and why their managers engage in an escalation of commitment when they share a personal relationship with a manager from the supplying firm. The paper concludes by discussing research limitations and future research directions.
    Keywords: Behavioral operations management; buyer-supplier relationships; personal relationships.