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International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control

2009 Vol. 7 No. 1

Special Issue on Mechanical Systems

Guest Editors: Professor Zongli Lin and Professor Huijun Gao


PagesTitle and authors
3-7Modelling and simulation of throttle slice stress of telescopic shock absorber
Changcheng Zhou, Xueyi Zhang, Wei Xu, Jian Guo

8-14Simulation of telescopic shock absorber outer characteristic with piecewise maths function
Changcheng Zhou, Xueyi Zhang, Jie Meng, Leilei Zhao

15-19Design and simulation of a nano-scale micro positioning stage
Xie Xiaohui, Du Ruxu, Sun Qiang

20-24Design and kinematics simulation of a high-speed sewing machine
Xie Xiaohui, Sun Qiang, Du Ruxu

25-32Research on influence of rolling parameters on the rolling process based on numerical simulation
Licheng Yang, Jingxiang Hu, Liwei Ning, Yingchun Liu

33-40Analysis of dynamic performance simulation for turn-milling centre
Lida Zhu, Tianbiao Yu, Junming Hou, Wanshan Wang, Xingyu Jiang

41-48Semiactive control of a base isolated building using magnetorheological dampers
Mauricio Zapateiro, Ningsu Luo, Hamid Reza Karimi

49-56Research on the control and simulation of vehicle suspension systems
Chuan Yin Tang, Tian Xia Zhang, Wanke Cao, Wei Zhou

57-66Rotordynamic analysis of machines on active magnetic bearings: comparison to fluid film bearing machines and vibration specifications
Paul E. Allaire, Timothy W. Dimond, Zongli Lin

67-74Optimisation of the prefabricated starting notch's parameters in the numerical simulation model of fracture splitting connecting rod
Yanju Wang, Shuqing Kou, Shenhua Yang

75-79Research on preparation device for washing red cell
Yao Yufeng, Huang Bo, Sun Hongxia

80-88The simulation and analysis of stresses field of ceramic die in wire drawing process
Xue-Feng Yang, Xiang-Bo Ze, Hong-Yan Wang, Hui Wang, Hui Zhang

89-96Analysis of dynamic characteristic and structure optimisation for hybrid machine tool
Chunxia Zhu, Lida Zhu, Jianrong Wang, Cong Su, Wanshan Wang

97-102Simulation of cold roll forming using elastic-plastic finite element method
Xia Chen, Qingming Chang, Jiao Wang, Changjun Chen

103-112Dynamic model building of thickness control system for four-high rolling mill and HCO robust controller design
Jianliang Sun, Yan Peng, Hongmin Liu

113-118An active disturbances rejection controller for hysteretic systems
Zeng-Qiang Chen, Jia-Xiang Zhao, Zhu-Zhi Yuan

119-125Active disturbances rejection decoupling control for active magnetic bearing multivariable system
Huang-Qiu Zhu, Jia-Ju Chen, Xiao-Dong Sun