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International Journal of Global Energy Issues

1999 Vol. 12 No. 1/2/3/4/5/6


PagesTitle and authors
1-14Integrating sustainability in energy policy modelling
Werner Hediger

15-32Strategic electric sector assessment methodology under sustainability conditions (SESAMS). Knowledge-based decision support framework: an enhanced methodology
Adrian V. Gheorghe, R.M. von Spakovsky, P.A. Haldi, Stefan Hirschberg, S. Connors

33-59Integration and decision support systems for energy policy management and comparative assessment studies
Adrian V. Gheorghe

60-67Incorporating environmental concerns into electric system expansion planning using a multi-criteria decision support system
Vladimir S. Koritarov, Guenter Conzelmann, Thomas D. Veselka, William A. Buehring, Richard R. Cirillo, Victor V. Podinovski

68-80MOPCA: a multi-criteria decision model for power system expansion planning - methodology and case study
Shi Xiangjun, Mo Xuefeng, Fu Qiang, Lin Jianwen

81-91Energy planning and environmental management with the information and decision support system MESAP
Christoph Schlenzig

92-119Decision support system framework of the PRIMES energy model of the European Commission
Yiannis Antoniou, Pantelis Capros

120-130Ensuring future energy alternatives: the role of resource planning in forming long-range energy and environmental policies
Stephen R. Connors

131-137Non-linear modelling of integrated energy supply and demand systems
Bent Sorensen

138-151Fuzzy linear programming for DSS in energy planning
T. Canz

152-158Visual interactive structured modelling in energy policy and management
Giampiero E.G. Beroggi

159-167A GIS-based regional energy-environment policy model
E. Fragniere, A. Haurie, R. Kanala

168-179Uncertainty assessment in the supply function of lignite deposits
Ioannis A. Papazoglou

180-195Risk based regulations: a legal view
Hansjorg Seiler

196-207Model-based decision support in energy planning
Sabine Messner, Manfred Strubegger

208-217Full value costs for sustainable electric utility options
Warren W. Schenler

218-232An integrated framework for comparative assessment of electricity supply chains and strategies: the DECADES project
I.F. Vladu

233-243Assessment of CO2 reduction policies for Switzerland
S. Kypreos

244-256Development of regional capacity expansion plan in Russia (application of the WASP model)
Y.F. Chernilin, S.L. Kononov, E.F. Zakharova, V.S. Kagramanyan, A.V. Malenkov

257-270Preliminary research of health and environmental impacts and greenhouse gas emission from coal-fired power and nuclear power chains in China
Pan Ziqiang, Chen Zhuzhou, Zhu Zhiming, Xiu Binglin, Ma Zhonghai, Hao Jianzhong, He Huimin

271-282Environmental inventories for future electricity supply systems for Switzerland
R. Dones, U., Ganter, S. Hirschberg,

283-291Modelling an international market of CO2 emission permits
O. Bahn, S. Kypreos, B. Bueler, H.J. Luthi

292-298Analogical gates - a network approach to multi-criteria aggregation with application in risk assessment
E. Badreddin