Int. J. of Human Rights and Constitutional Studies   »   2017 Vol.5, No.3/4



Title: The democratic function of education: how to solve some conflicts in the educational public space


Author: Leonardo Álvarez Álvarez


Address: Álvarez Public Law Department, Campus del Cristo, Oviedo 33006, Spain


Abstract: The present paper aims at defining the public space of education in a democratic constitution, as well as its relationship with other public spaces. The function of the educational public space is to incorporate the pluralism and diversity that exist in society and other public spaces, in order to democratically reorient the exercise of fundamental rights back towards the public space. This paper endeavours to analyse some of the conflicts that have arisen within the educational field, both in Spain and in Europe, and tries to provide solutions to these conflicts from the basis of the democratic function fulfilled by education in the public space.


Keywords: constitutional theory; democratic constitution; public space; pluralism; right to education; democratic education.


DOI: 10.1504/IJHRCS.2017.10010778


Int. J. of Human Rights and Constitutional Studies, 2017 Vol.5, No.3/4, pp.243 - 263


Submission date: 28 Apr 2017
Date of acceptance: 03 May 2017
Available online: 31 Jan 2018



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