Int. J. of Trade and Global Markets   »   2017 Vol.10, No.2/3



Title: Inconsistency of theory, policy and practice of clustering in modern Russia


Author: Oleg Inshakov


Address: Institute of socio-economic development of regions, Volgograd State University, 100 Universitetsky Ave., Volgograd 400062, Russian Federation


Abstract: The systemic development of clusters is still relevant for Russian economy, which is in urgent need for modernisation. Despite the gap to the leaders, the process of clustering continues in certain sectors and regions of contemporary Russia. From the point of view of solving the actual problems in Russia, the innovative territorial clusters (ITC) are recognised as the foreground ones, aimed at organisational and technological modernisation of the country. However, the overall indicators of cluster development do not represent a sustainable positive trend in 2008-2016. Assessment of clustering policy in Russia in line with the evolutionary approach emphasises the mechanisms of state support for both ITC already functioning and developing pilot ITC projects, including priority areas, dynamics and contradictions of support. Analyses results give impetus for conclusions on the urgent correction of the policy under consideration.


Keywords: cluster; cluster development; cluster performance monitoring; cluster strategy; clustering; clustering policy; innovative cluster; state support.


DOI: 10.1504/IJTGM.2017.10006606


Int. J. of Trade and Global Markets, 2017 Vol.10, No.2/3, pp.198 - 206


Available online: 07 Aug 2017



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